How to Get Va’ruun Storeroom Key in Starfield & Where to Use It

A locked door, just begging to be opened.

A Keycard in Starfield
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During your duties to becoming a citizen of the UC Vanguard, you’ll find yourself deep in the Va’ruun Embassy. In the basement of the embassy lies a locked door that doesn’t open with Starfield’s usual lockpicking minigame. Here’s how to get the Va’ruun storeroom key in Starfield so that you can find out what lies behind this mysterious locked door.

Where to Find the Va’ruun Storeroom Keycard in Starfield

The Va’ruun Storeroom Keycard is found on a shelf in the basement of the Va’ruun Embassy. If you’re already looking for the keycard, then chances are you’re already in the Va’ruun embassy. You gain access to the embassy during the ‘Friends Like These’ quest for the UC Vanguard faction.

At the very end of the quest you’ll find yourself in the basement of the embassy, but one door remains locked. Unfortunately you can’t unlock the door with a Digipick. Instead, you’ll need to find a key to unlock the room and gain access to what’s inside.

Location of Varuun Storeroom Keycard in Starfield
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Thankfully the key isn’t far from the locked door. Elsewhere in the basement you’ll find another room, with beds and chests in it. If you’re playing through the ‘Friends Like These’ quest, it’s the room where you end up with Bal’mor as he accesses the Armistice Code Machine.

Facing the code machine, if you turn to your right you’ll see a shelf positioned over a makeshift bed. In the middle of the shelf, between a fan and a jug, lies the Va’ruun Storeroom Keycard.

Varuun Keycard on shelf in Starfield
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As with most of the other items in the room, picking up the keycard won’t count as theft. Go ahead and pick it up and you’ll be ready to access the storeroom.

Where to Use the Varuun Storeroom Keycard in Starfield

The Va’ruun storeroom is found on the lowest floor of the Va’ruun Embassy in New Atlantis. Once you have the Va’ruun storeroom keycard you’ll be able to unlock the door to the room, which has a number of items inside it.

Varuun Storeroom door in Starfield
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Exit the room where you found the shelf with the keycard on it and walk out of the door to the right. You’ll be directly facing the storeroom door.

Inside you’ll find a number of junk items dotted about, as well as a Novablast Disrupter and ammo. None of the items in the room count as theft, so feel free to take them all.

Varuun Spacesuit in Starfield
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The main reason you’ll want to unlock the Va’ruun storeroom though is to obtain the Varuun Spacesuit. You can find the suit on a mannequin inside a glass case. This suit has ok stats if you’re early in the game, but the real reason you’ll want it is because it looks great. Sci-fi fans might recognize the suit as being a little bit reminiscent of the Fremen stillsuits from Dune. Don’t forget, you can always upgrade your suit if it’s one you really like.

Finally you’ll find a small green safe in the storeroom. This is a master level lock, so you’ll need to have picked up the Security skill if you want to lockpick it. Honestly though the contents aren’t really worth the effort as you’ll only find a worthless Rattler pistol and some medical items inside.

Another one of Starfield’s secrets unveiled! That’s all you need to know on how to the get Va’ruun storeroom key in Starfield & where to use it. Be sure to check out our list of the 10 best side quests in Starfield to find more of the game’s hidden treasures.

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