How to Get Superior Weapons & Armor in Starfield

A real superiority complex.

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Whether you’re squaring up against a band of space pirates or a ferocious Terrormorph, you’ll want to make sure you’re sufficiently protected when making your way across the universe. When it comes to the best weaponry and armor around, Superior items are as good as it gets. Here’s all you need to know about how to get Superior armor and weapons in Starfield.

Every Weapon and Armor Quality in Starfield

Looted weapons and armor names in Starfield may have tier prefixes that indicate the items have special characteristics. Some of these prefixes may refer to perks or mods, such as a muzzle, that are built into the item. Others tell you that that the item has innate stat bonuses.

Weapon tier in Starfield
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Tiered weapons have increased base damage, while tiered armor has increased base defense compared to weapons without a level prefix. The 4 tiers of weapon/armor quality bonuses in Starfield are:

  1. Refined
  2. Calibrated
  3. Advanced
  4. Superior (exclusive to armor)

If you see one of these words in a looted weapon or armor piece’s name it means that item has better stats than a ‘base’ item without one of the quality tier prefixes. Both standard and higher-quality looted items can still have modifier prefixes. If the item has both a modifier and quality prefix, the modifier prefix will come first in the naming of the item.

Where to Find Superior Armor in Starfield

You can find Superior armor, such as spacesuits, packs, and helmets, from looting high-level enemies. Superior armor drops are rare, but occur more frequently the higher the level of the enemy. Heading to the highest level systems you can handle increases your chances of finding Superior armor pieces as they have not been known to drop from enemies below level 50.

Where to find system level in Starfield
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You will typically find high-level systems furthest away from the core systems of Sol and Alpha Centauri. You can see the system’s maximum enemy level on the data sheet in the map. After traveling to a high-level system, be sure to find a planet with a base or camp as only human enemies drop armor loot.

Turning your difficulty setting higher will result in higher-level enemies and therefore an increased chance of finding Superior armor.

Where to Find Superior Weapons in Starfield

It isn’t possible at this time to find Superior weapons in Starfield. As such, Advanced level weapons are the best you can currently loot in the game. These drop from enemies that are at least level 30. However, higher-level enemies have an even higher chance of dropping Advanced weapons.

The absence of Superior weapons is curious. While not confirmed, a future update might bring them to the game. Even though this means you can obtain the highest-level weapons in the game fairly early, you can always keep on the lookout for Legendary weapons. Consider yourself very lucky indeed if you can find a weapon with both Advanced and Legendary stats.

So, that’s the lowdown when it comes to asking the question of how to get Superior weapons and armor in Starfield. Now you’ve got the best gear in the game, be sure to check out our guide on how to kill Terrormorphs. You’ll be the universe’s most feared astronaut in no time.

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