Image Source: Bethesda
Image Source: Bethesda

How to Get Legendary Weapons & Armor in Starfield

Barney Stinson would be all about this!

Regular weapons are all well and good, but everyone knows that you really want the legendary ones to be able to clean up! They are not as readily accessible as basic weapons in the game, however, so let’s delve into how you can get legendary weapons and armor when playing Starfield.

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How to get Legendary Items in Starfield

Legendary gear, such as weapons and armor, are most commonly dropped by higher level enemies. These enemies can be leaders of gangs, enemies that appear at the end of quests that are akin to a boss battle, or just important enemies in general.

If you’re wanting to get better equipment sooner, it is best to seek out the higher ranked enemies. Although, there is no guarantee that a difficult enemy will drop a legendary weapon, the odds are much higher usual.

If you are not too keen on upping your difficulty for the entire game, then thankfully there is a little work around.

You can essentially save scum your way to legendary weapons. To do this you will want to:

  • Change your difficulty level when in a safe place, and then save your game
  • Then, head to a station or an area with a high enemy population
  • Farm through the enemies and collect what items they drop
  • Save your game again
  • When safe, you can once again decrease the difficulty level

By saving in a higher difficulty, the game then knows to load the appropriate level of enemy. This is how you can get legendary items quicker.

Legendary weapon in Starfield
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

Another way to obtain them is by encountering them randomly throughout the world, such as in lockers and crates. The likelihood isn’t as high as when fighting a tough enemy; but the probability of running into a legendary weapon in the wild also increases on higher difficulties.

An appealing thing about legendary weapons is that you can also get certain perks with them. These will drastically improve your battle experience, and give you the upper hand in some situations. A more extensive list can be found here, but for now here are a few examples of what you can get:

  • Furious: Each consecutive hit deals more damage.
  • Med Theft: Chance that humans drop extra Med Packs on death.
  • Incendiary: Randomly deals incendiary damage.
  • Hitman: +15% damage while aiming.
  • Explosive: Randomly switches to explosive rounds.

So, the moral here is that if you want good stuff, you have got to play hard and search hard! And that’s everything we have on how to get legendary weapons and armor in Starfield. For more, here’s how to target engines and how to holster your weapons. Otherwise, feel free to browse our related coverage below.

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