where and how to get starborn armor in starfield
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How to Get Starborn Armor in Starfield

Why, yes, I do look this good.

With so many cool armor sets in Starfield, none look sleeker or more advanced than the Starborn armor. Your first encounter with the set might’ve been with the Hunter in New Atlantis or perhaps the Starborn you gun down on your way to another artifact. Either way, it looks fantastic, and we can teach you how to get your very own set of Starborn armor in Starfield.

The following guide contains major spoilers for the main quest and the ending.

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Where to Get Starborn Armor in Starfield

To get the Starborn armor in Starfield, you must beat the game. When you reach the end, you’ll be given a choice to continue with your playthrough or be reborn as a Starborn.

That means gathering all the artifacts, building the Armillary, and stepping through The Unity. You’ll also get an awesome Starborn ship to match your snazzy Starborn armor. Yes, the same kind of ship the Hunter flies!

starborn armor in starfield
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

Starborn Armor Stats

The Starborn armor is definitely worth the effort, considering its unique properties, like a built-in boostpack. Here are the stats for the set:

  • +149 to physical, energy, and elemental defenses.
  • +50 to thermal, airborne, corrosive, and radiation.
  • Three random Legendary traits; in my case, these were Technician, Resource Hauler, and Headhunter.

Sounds great, right? It gets even better. The stats for the Starborn armor improve the more you reach The Unity in Starfield. It also looks slightly different, too. For example, you’ll earn the Starborn Astra armor set after reaching The Unity for the first time, then you’ll earn the Starborn Materia armor set after the second visit. This happens a total of nine times after your first time through The Unity.

Of course, you could always use console commands to get this set, but otherwise, that’s how you get Starborn armor in Starfield. If you want to improve your sleek new armor as quickly as possible after stepping through The Unity, you can choose to skip the main quest and start searching for the artifacts right away. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks.

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