Helium 3 in Starfield
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How to Get Helium-3 in Starfield

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When it comes to having a great adventure in the expanse of space, it requires more than just a curious mind. In Starfield, players have to manage several systems at once, including crafting, and with that comes the need for resources in order to get things done properly. One of the key materials is Helium-3, and for players wanting to be more efficient in amassing this resource, here’s a guide on how to get Helium-3 in Starfield quickly.

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How Do You Get Helium-3 in Starfield? Answered

Helium-3, more commonly known as He-3 in Starfield, can be found on many different planets and moons in space, but knowing exactly how and where to find it will make life easier for all players looking to improve their gear.

Helium-3 Locations

The first step is to locate a planet with He-3 as a resource, and landing on any of the worlds in Starfield at least once will allow players to get an overview of the potential resources that can be obtained. Look at the planet’s description via the Starmap and use the Resource view for a clearer picture.

Planet with Helium 3 in Starfield
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Once it has been established that a planet contains Helium-3, then it’s time to get started with some outpost building. Known locations with Helium-3 up for grabs include:

  • Ananke, Olympus System
  • Curbeam, Alpha Centauri System
  • Kurtz, Alpha Centauri System
  • Kreet Moon of Anselon (near Anselon), Narion System
  • Mercury, Sol System
  • Tau Ceti I, Tau Ceti System

Given that it is a common resource, there are plenty of other planets to choose from, and you can decide which one works better for your base of operations.

Harvesting Helium-3

There are two ways of obtaining Helium-3 once players step foot on the planet. The first is to collect the resources from the various vents that can appear on the surface. This comes with the danger of Lung Damage, so take that risk wisely.

Harvesting Helium-3 Starfield
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The other more reliable way is to harvest Helium-3 from deposits in the ground by using an outpost. Scan the surroundings to locate the He-3 deposit, and place an Outpost Beacon nearby. Next, place down a Helium-3 Extractor, which will cost 4 Nickel, 5 Aluminum, and 3 Copper. Power it up accordingly, and the extractor will start doing its thing, and you can return after a while to collect some fresh Helium-3.

Buying Helium-3

For players who would rather not do the hard work, you can always trade your hard-earned credits for the resource at certain shops. An easy avenue is via Jemison Mercantile at the New Atlantis spaceport. You can also test your luck at any Trade Authority location, as they can sometimes have it in their inventory.

Buying Helium 3 in Starfield
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If you want to reduce the cost of Helium-3 and other products, you can unlock the Commerce skill to lessen their prices.

How to Use Helium-3 in Starfield

Players can utilize Helium-3 when crafting a weapon or powering Fueled Generators at Outposts. While at the weapon workbench, you may need the element for various modifications, like the Laser Sight or Red Dot Sight.

Crafting a weapon with Helium 3 in Starfield
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

Other than these methods, Fueled Generators need Helium-3, but you must connect it to a Helium Extractor to power it up. In return, you’ll receive a fully functional base that will help you get a ton of resources for your journey.

That’s all there is to know about how to get Helium-3 in Starfield. For more help with the game, check out other useful guides like Where to Find Paradiso and How to Romance Sarah Morgan. For everything else, be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information.

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