Astro A20 Wireless Headset Review (2020)

astro a20 review

Another console generation, another set of headsets to consider. I have to imagine there are a lot of gamers like me that want something that’s a step up from entry-level but don’t want to pay what is nearly the price of a home console for their headset, thus the Astro A20 Wireless is going to get a lot of looks as people weigh their next-gen headset options. Without further ado then, let’s dive right into our 2020 review of the Astro A20 Wireless headset for the Xbox Series X and see how it holds up.

Astro A20 Wireless Review on Xbox Series X (2020)

The Astro A20 Wireless for the Xbox Series X is the “mid-tier” option of Astro’s line of headsets with its $120 price point being solidly between the roughly $70 A10 headset and the $300 A50 Wireless headset.

The nice thing about the Astro A20 is that it will be compatible across both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X regardless of the model you start with. We tested the Xbox Series X version of the headset, but a USB Transmitter (sold separately) will allow players to swap to PS5 and PC as well.

So if you’re going to end up owning all the next-gen platforms and want just one headset, the Astro A20 is capable of that which is a really nice perk.

For me, the most important thing is how the audio sounds both when it comes to voice and in-game. Fortunately, the Astro A20 performed quite well here.

astro a20 review, twinfinite

After 10-20 hours of Destiny 2 raiding over the course of a few days, I encountered zero audio issues that I thought were worth mentioning. The Astro A20 is a wireless headset, so it’s not going to be as perfect as something that’s wired in, but it was as close to it as one can reasonably expect.

The game audio was what I expected from a mid-tier headset option. There are certainly higher quality sounding headsets out there, such as the high-end Astro A50 within the same family of headsets, but the A20 was serviceable for sure.

More importantly, at least for me, the voice chat quality was excellent. Everyone heard me loud and clear for hours on end and again, aside from some very rare one-second hiccups, I never lost track of what my teammates were saying. If you want to mute yourself, you can simply flip the boom mic up.

After sound quality, I want to make sure the headset is going to be comfortable to wear. This is perhaps where the Astro A20 shined the most.

When I pulled it out of the box, I was admittedly a bit concerned. The quality of the materials for the A20 didn’t feel or look like anything special. It’s very just “average” looking and feeling.

astro a20 review, twinfinite

However, the Astro A20 Wireless is premium where it counts. The ear cushions are comfortable, the rubber headband rests very nicely on the top of my bald head, and I felt no pain even after wearing it for hours on end. And yes, I’m a glasses wearer and it still held up which is not always the case even with premium headsets.

Again, it’s definitely not something that’s going to wow you in terms of its quality or looks, and you have limited ranges when it comes to adjustments.

You can definitely find higher-priced headsets that will be like wearing a cloud on your head. But that said, the Astro A20 is definitely adequate, comfy, and a notable step up from entry level headsets.

The battery life is less of a concern for me, just remember to plug it in when you’re done, but if you’re someone that forgets, the Astro A20 will help you out there. It promises up to 15 hours of battery life and it definitely lives up to that.

Really, the only aspect of the Astro A20 Wireless that I found notably lacking is the on-headset controls. Game and voice are adjusted via the same slider on the side of the headset. Remembering which button to hold to adjust which volume and then which way to scroll the wheel got frustrating.

The instructions, if you’re not technologically with it, are also not great at all. You’re going to be on your own for the most part if you’re relying on what’s in the box. Fortunately, the setup is really easy but there are definitely going to be a few people out there buying a headset for the first time and will be left wishing they had more help from what I would generously call the “minimalist” design of the instructions.

Overall the Astro A20 Wireless is a versatile and solid mid-tier headset option. It’s a jack of all trades. It’s comfortable, has solid audio quality, and can play on Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC with the purchase of a transmitter. It’ll do everything you want a headset to do without having to break the bank and without having to settle for something barebones and uncomfortable.


  • Consistent game audio quality that rarely cut out.
  • Excellent voice quality both incoming and outgoing.
  • Extremely comfortable for its price point.
  • Long battery life.


  • Game audio isn’t going to wow you compared to higher-end headsets.
  • Instructions leave a lot to be desired. You’re on your own setting it up and learning how to use it.
  • Adjusting game/voice audio via the controls on the headset are not very intuitive.

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