Can You Name These 10 Stranger Things Side Characters? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Can you name 'em all?

Stranger Things character quiz

The Duffer Brothers’ hugely successful sci-fi horror show, Stranger Things, has returned to Netflix for its fourth season, and it’s fair to say that the much-anticipated follow-up is busy smashing fan expectations, while also wowing critics, too. With its much darker horror tone, combined with a hefty $30 million per episode price tag, the latest adventure in the mysterious small town of Hawkins is delivering on what is ostensibly the best TV series on the small screen right now.

With that in mind, then, we thought that now would be the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge of the beloved ’80s-inspired series. All you need to do is identify these ten side characters from just a single image lifted from the hit Netflix show. I mean, we all know that the picture rounds in quizzes are the most fun rounds of all, right?

So, without further ado, grab your 8-sided die, avoid those Demogorgans, and prove that you’re more than just a mouth breather in Twinfinite’s latest Stranger Things trivia quiz. Can you name these ten Stranger Things side characters? Good luck!

Can You Name These 10 Stranger Things Side Characters?

Let's start with an easy one: Who is this?
What's the name of this Doctor?
What's the name of this prison guard?
What's the name of Lucas's sister?
Who is this?
What's the name of this private investigator?
What's the name of this Radioshack manager?
What's the name of this Family Video employee?
What's the name of Dustin's girlfriend?
Time for Hard Mode: What's the name of this school counsellor?

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Image Sources: Netflix (via Heat World and Marca)

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