World of Final Fantasy’s Main Story Is 100 Hours Long

That's a lot of quality time with Final Fantasy characters.

This weeks issue of Famitsu shed some more details on the upcoming PS4 and Vita title World of Final Fantasy, in a new interview with the game’s director Hiroki Chiba and art director Yasuhisa Izumisawa.

One of the details that came from the interview was the fact that the game is over 100 hours long with just the main story. There is optional side content and training to do, but apparently the main story alone clocks in around 100 hours. Here’s some of the other highlights from Famitsu’s interview, thanks to Hachima Kikou and Gematsu for the translation.

  • The Final Fantasy characters that appear in the game, have lived in the world of Grymoire from the very beginning, instead of coming from different worlds. There’s also some fun combinations of characters that know each other.
  • The game is being designed to be played carefree. You can return to town from a dungeon at any time, and then return to that dungeon at any time.
  • Being defeated in battle will only send you home, you won’t lose any money or items.The game is being balanced so you can battle relatively recklessly.
  • The content of the game is equivalent in volume to a numbered Final Fantasy game. There are also full sub stories and events with different Final Fantasy characters.
  • Again, leaving out Mirage training and side content, the main story of the game is over 100 hours long.
  • Battles will become more difficult after the midpoint of the game, if you aren’t considering attributes.
  • Events scenes can all be fast-forwarded or skipped
  • Players befriend monsters called Mirages that fight alongside them in battle. There are over 200 Mirages in the game.
  • Square Enix is considering making figures based on World of Final Fantasy

A new trailer for the game also released this week, giving us a release date in North America. World of Final Fantasy will launch on October 25, for PlayStaion 4 and PS Vita. Take a look at the new trailer for the game, and a ton of screenshots here.

Are you looking forward to World of Final Fantasy? Do you think 100 hours is going to be too much for the game, or just right? Let us know down in the comments.



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