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You Can Download and Play Psychonauts On Your PS4 Today


You Can Download and Play Psychonauts On Your PS4 Today

The PS2 classic has returned.

Despite Sony’s insistence that the game would not be released this week, Psychonauts has made a surprise appearance on the PlayStation Store in the weekly update today, and players can purchase the game for $9.99 as of this very moment.

Double Fine’s cult classic adventure game, which originally launched on PS2, Xbox and PC back in 2005, was announced as a re-release for the PlayStation 4 in January of this year.

Last Sunday, The PlayStation Blog suggested Psychonauts’ PS4 debut would be on June 7, before then editing the post only a few hours later to state that the game “is coming out soon, but not this week”, asking players to “stay tuned for final timing!”.

Regardless of all this, it looks like Psychonauts has arrived on June 7th as originally planned, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested.

At the Video Game Awards last year, Double Fine also announced an official sequel to Psychonauts, as well as a PS VR spin-off title, though nothing concrete on release dates have been divulged.

For all future Psychonauts news and information, be sure to keep up with Twinfinite.


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