LA Thieves’ Octane Unveils Best Lachmann Sub (MP5) Build For MW2 Ranked Play

The MP5 of old is brought back with Octane's build.

LA Thieves Octane next to Lachmann Sub inspection in MW2 Image Source: LA Thieves / Activision

Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play has been widely praised since its implementation, with renowned developers Treyarch overseeing its addition to the Infinity Ward title. Naturally, players want to know the best loadouts for the ultra competitive mode and, in that regard, there’s few with more authority than pro players. Now, LA Thieves’ pro Sam ‘Octane’ Larew has revealed his Lachmann Sub (MP5) loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play.

LA Thieves’ Octane MW2 Ranked Play MP5 Loadout

When it comes to SMGs in Ranked, players are generally choosing between the Vaznev-9K and Lachmann Sub (aka the MP5). The former boasts better damage and range, but its fire-rate can’t hang with the MP5’s, which performs better at those closest of ranges as a result. 

Reflecting those qualities, the LA Thieves pro and former CoD World Champion has chosen attachments that make the MP5 even more formidable up close, but slightly trickier to use at range. Needless to say, you should be using the Lachmann as part of a run-and-gun aggressive playstyle. Trying to hang with a posted up TAQ-56 opponent will do little but see you eliminated rapidly.

“For this build we’re basically prioritizing aim down sight speed as well as movement speed as much as possible,” he explained. To that end, the L38 Falcon 226mm Barrel kicks off Octane’s MP5, followed by the FT Mobile Stock and LM Cronus Grip. 

Elsewhere, he opted for the Bruen Pendulum muzzle and FSS Sharkfin 90 underbarrel to ensure the recoil is kept to moderate. 

It’s a very strong all-round MP5 build, capable of shredding enemies up close and keeping players in medium range gunfights. 

With two or more teammates running ARs – probably the TAQ-56 or Kastov 545 – your Ranked Play squad will be on their way to securing Ws. And that’s everything you need to know about LA Thieves’ pro Sam ‘Octane’ Larew’s Lachmann Sub (MP5) loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play. For more, feel free to explore the links below.

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