Total War: WARHAMMER Announces New DLC Landing Later This Month

New leaders, new units, new maps. What's not to love?

Total War: WARHAMMER The King and the Warlord DLC

The second Lords pack to hit Total War: WARHAMMER, The King and the Warlord introduces two new leaders to the game, along with new quests, new units, and new maps to go to war over. Quick on the heels of the recently released Grim and the Grave DLC, The King and the Warlord drops Oct. 20.

Focusing on the dwarven and greenskin armies, the DLC delivers both Belagar Ironhammer, the dwarven heir to Karak Eight Peaks, and Skarsnik, the Greenskin Warlord of Eight Peaks. “The new Lords pack also offers a wide array of new campaign bonus, new battle maps, new lords and some exciting new units including a fan favourite for the first time in Total War: WARHAMMER, Squigs,” Creative Assembly says in an announcement in the game’s forums.

Featured prominently in the trailer above, Squigs are the hideous two-legged dog-like creatures the Greenskins use as mounts and fight alongside. Other new additions include dwarven Bolt Throwers, Dwarf Rangers, and even the Night Goblin Warboss.

Starting now, the DLC is available for pre-order. Though Creative Assembly is hesitant to drop any more details, the developer promises even more content, specifically free content, is on the way in the near future.

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