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The Sinking City Gets a Creepy New Pre-Order Trailer

Frogwares The Sinking City pre-order trailer

The Sinking City Gets a Creepy New Pre-Order Trailer

The Sinking City is available for pre-order ahead of the game’s upcoming release in June, and developer Frogwares has released a pre-order trailer that gives us a glimpse of the surreal horror in store.

The Lovecraftian investigation game was originally pegged for a late March release, but was delayed due to a crowded release window. Since then we’ve had a fair few trailers for the game to keep us interested, not to mention the recent commented gameplay footage shared just over a week ago.

The pre-order trailer, which you can check out below, gives us another look into the mind and bizarre circumstances of private investigator Charles W. Reed. Charles is called to the 1920s city of Oakmont, Massachusetts to investigate the cause of the mysterious flood that has overwhelmed the city and warped the minds of its inhabitants.

His investigations lead him all over the open-world town, from the affluent suburbs to the abandoned flooded districts. As Charles, you’re tasked with investigating murders and crimes around town, interviewing suspicious persons of interest, finding clues and reconstructing crime scenes, and of course trying to piece together what exactly is affecting Oakmont so severely.

It won’t be easy, however. You’ll get little help from the local police force and there are many(not all of whichare human) who want you out of the picture.

Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, The Sinking City will doubtless have at least one or two secret caverns or underground temples in it, and in this newest trailer we see our detective peering into the depths of a mysterious rocky cove. Where previous trailers show Charles mostly interviewing various sinister characters, they also show hints of the detective’s crumbling sanity, which we see more of here.

His supernatural abilities help him reconstruct crime scenes and guide him to accurate deductions, but the price for using them means his sanity takes a huge hit. It’s down to you to find the answers and prevent Charles from losing his mind, if you can.

The Sinking City launches on June 27 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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