The Hype Begins as Fortnite Announces Official Chapter 4 Season 2 Start Date
Image Source: Epic Games

The Hype Begins as Fortnite Announces an Official Chapter 4 Season 2 Start Date

I still have no idea what this might mean.

It’s been something of a guessing game since Epic Games announced that Chapter 4 Season 1 of Fortnite would be ending sooner than expected, but the official start of season two has now been revealed. Rather surprisingly, the new start date is actually the same as the original end date, March 10, 2023.

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While fans don’t have that long to wait, Epic Games have been setting things up to build player hype as things head toward the end. On March 7, 2023, the warp gate on top of Warden’s Watch has finally gone off after players have been keeping an eye on it. Whatever happened to the gate entirely destroyed it and left a massive red rift in the sky that can be seen anywhere on the island.

It’s unknown how this rift will play into the narrative as things turn over to the new season, but it’s certainly characteristic of Epic Games to be destructive and unkind to pristine maps. This was likely foreshadowed earlier this season when the strange circular constellation of stars was seen above the starting area.

The announcement tweet also provides a weird cryptic hint at what the next season might bring, referring to #FortniteMEGA.

There are likely hints to be gleaned from the gif above, but it’s hard to say what they might be. The season one map is already cobbled together from other sources, so this new season could further fracture off sections into the ether, and maybe the chef…dinosaur(?) in the tweet will be part of a brand new area.

There will surely be more teases and hints as we get closer to the new season, and the rift will probably change in some way tomorrow for the final day.

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