The Day Before Might be Real, But Its Latest Gameplay Trailer Looks like a Fortnite Mod

Where's the building at?

The Day Before Might be Real, But Its Latest Gameplay Trailer Looks like a Fortnite Mod Image Source: Fntastic

If there’s one game that’s had a rough go in the past few years, it’s The Day Before. Since its reveal, Fntastic’s zombie MMO survival title saw a rise to the top of the Steam wishlist charts, to an infinite cycle of delays, and then on the receiving end of a barrage of fan questioning as to whether or not it’s a real game

It seems like Fntastic has heard the criticism or realized the questioning was starting to mount and has risen from the hordes with a brand new gameplay trailer featuring crafting and zombie survival. 

In a 10-minute trailer, the player starts with a brisk run through the suburbs before hitting up a crafting station. From there, fans get a look at The Day Before’s modest selection of crafting as the player combines a few items to make parts for their Deprov-74, with the final product boasting a suppressor and ACOG sight for some zombie slaying.

After downing a few deadheads, the rest of the trailer doesn’t show much aside from a second player joining in on the action and some looting. Weirdly enough, part of the delay to The Day Before was Fntastic decided to switch to Unreal Engine 5. While it is a work in progress, the latest trailer looks eerily familiar to Fortnite, with Epic Game’s battle royale titan also running on the powerhouse of an engine.

For the fans looking for some in-depth documentary explaining the game’s systems, this was oddly short of anything substantial. Time will tell if Fntastic has anything more to share as the team aims for a November 2023 release, but right now, it’s looking a little murky.

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