Super NES Classic Edition Has Sold Four Million Units

SNES Classic

In a reversal from the sales fates of their original versions, the Super NES Classic Edition has far outpaced sales of forebear NES Classic Edition. Nintendo announced in its latest financial report yesterday that it had sold four million units of its Super NES Classic Edition.

This far outpaces the NES Classic Edition, which sold a reported 2.3 million units during its limited run. Speaking of which, Nintendo also reaffirmed yesterday its previously announced plans to bring that mini-console back for another run sometime later this year.

No doubt helping the SNES Classic Edition along in overtaking it is the fact that Nintendo manufactured far more Super NES Classic Editions during that platform’s own limited run than it did for the initial NES Classic Edition run. This decision came after the NES Classic Edition was notoriously difficult for consumers to find in stock online or at physical stores. But while Super NES Classic Edition supplies have been more plentiful than those of its predecessor, the console has still been notoriously difficult for many consumers to purchase.

The four million units sold mark includes sales of the North American and European SNES Classic Edition launched in September 2017 as well as the Japanese Super Famicom Mini variant launched in October 2017.

First launched in Japan in 1983, the original NES sold nearly 62 million units. The SNES followed in 1990, going on to sell more than 49 million units.

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