Microsoft Flight Simulator Lear Fan & New Sim Update 10 Beta Build Released; Belfast Airport Coming This Weekend & Goodwood Announced

Today both Microsoft and third-party developers had Microsoft Flight Simulator news in store, including releases and new reveals.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Belfast Image source: Pyreegue

Today both Microsoft and third-party developers had Microsoft Flight Simulator news in store, including releases and new reveals.

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We start with Microsoft itself, which released a new build of the Beta version of Sim Update 10, numbered

Below you can read the patch notes.

General Bug Fixes

  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title
  • Fixed a CTD caused by JS intercepting a key event after registering for the same key event interception more than once in a single instrument
  • Fixed crash when setting low altitude airways on the world map after updating packages
  • Disabled DX12 memory manager optimization on NVIDIA GPUs due to graphical corruption issues
  • Fixed a scenario where aprons can be missing after launching a flight
  • Fixed a scenario where haze layer could show up abruptly
  • Fixed tiles of grass sometimes appearing on asphalt surface
  • Drone camera speed increased to 200 by default
  • Toggling Taxi Ribbon no longer closes ATC window
  • NavBlue – Update to ARINC 2208
  • Fixed a scenario where VR would not render if HDR was enabled in OS
  • Fixed panel issue in DA-62 where Display Backup button was not functioning


  • Fixed tools compatibility issues with 3D Studio Max 2022
  • Fixed occasional CFG serialization failures in Aircraft Editor
  • Fixed random crashes when using the BehaviourDebug window
  • Fixed visual effect not reacting accordingly when live editing a graph
  • “-showFramerate” and “-showFramerateMini” command-line options now allow for displaying the FPS panel without need for the DevMode

VFR Map:

  • Resizing the VFR map should no longer induce a CTD

G1000 NXi:

  • Fixed bearing pointers not properly synchronizing with the external HUD overlay
  • Fixed issue where direct-to could erroneously use turn direction of target leg instead of picking shortest possible turn

Next, we get a release for now exclusively on the official marketplace, and it’s the LearAvia Lear Fan 2100 by Lionheart Creations. 

This exotic aircraft originally designed by Bill Lear himself is available for both PC and Xbox for $24.49.

Since it’s on the official marketplace, you’ll have to search it manually. Also, given how the marketplace updates, it may not yet be available in all regions. If you can’t find it, just wait and it’ll become available at some point tonight.

Next, we learn that Belfast International Airport (EGAA) by Pyreegue is now complete and will be released this weekend.

We also get tons of screenshots and a message from the developer, who is from Ukraine and managed to complete the project despite the ongoing war.

“Belfast, a big hub for Easyjet and a very important place for everyday commuters. It all started back in December of 2021, a new journey, a very exciting one for me, as it is with every airport. Somewhere in the middle of January the unavoidable happened – I burned out, so I took some days off, watched planes take off and land, got inspired again. Mid-February I got back to working on it. I deleted my half-completed terminal because I decided that it was not “there”, not how I envisioned it when I started. Two weeks later – 5am local time, February 24th, Thursday – my home became hell on earth, and so did millions of other homes in Ukraine. There’s no word to describe this brutal act of violence, a genocide, but the latter word has been abused too many times recently by the ones committing it that it lost its original meaning. Two months later, I got back to working on Belfast, for the second time now. I got back on my feet thanks to all of you, those who spread the word, those who supported me by buying all my airports without the intention of ever using some of those at all, but just to show that you care, those who messaged me to ask if I’m OK, If I need help or whether I am safe. It’s also a huge thank you to the guys at Orbx, the Partner Team at Microsoft and X-Plane “org” who were and still are very supportive and helpful. Thanks to the teams at FSElite and Threshold for their support towards Ukraine and Ukrainian developers.

Half a year later, it is finally complete. I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out in the end and it’s also a huge relief, 6 months of work in total, a lot longer than planned, but well worth it. Enough talking, screenshot time!”

Last, but not least, we get an announcement from Burning Blue Design, which continues its series of small airports in the UK with Goodwood Aerodrome (EGHR).

You can check out a trailer below.

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