Halo Infinite Dev Update - 3 Month Delay to Co-Op into November, Splitscreen Cancelled

Halo Infinite Dev Update – 3 Month Delay to Co-Op into November, Splitscreen Cancelled

Halo Infinite further delaying campaign co-op looks pretty bad.

Halo Infinite continues its pattern of rocky development and once again pushes the promised campaign co-op further into 2022. This news was delivered in a 343 Industries developer update video that covers “the studio’s priorities, player experience goals, what you can expect when Halo Infinite’s Winter Update arrives on November 8th, and more.” The current expected date for co-op to arrive will be Nov. 8 with the aforementioned Winter Update.

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By the time co-op does arrive, the game will have been out for just about a year. A full year to implement something that every previous game had at launch is a tough thing to swallow, and doesn’t make Halo Infinite look any better.

On top of that, Halo Infinite will break series tradition and not even feature any sort of split-screen at all. No delay, no promise of work being done on it, it’s just not happening.

The other big thing discussed in the early bits of the video is the desire to “achieve seasonality.” The devs realize that two seasons a year is a bad move, but season three isn’t until March at this point, so it’s unclear how long getting to this “seasonality” will take.

You can find the full developer update below. Be warned it’s a pretty lengthy video coming in at a little over 31 minutes, so you might need to carve out some time to give this your full attention.

We will be sure to share information as we know it, including any further updates or announcements.

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