Fortnite Fans Are Trying to Figure Out What the Deal is With All These Fish Images
Image Source: @FortniteFR

Fortnite Fans Are Trying to Figure Out What the Deal is With All These Fish Images

There's something really fishy about all this.

When it comes to releasing slight hints and teases before big reveals, what Epic Games does with Fortnite is some of the best in the business. They do things like make players figure out special coordinates to see brand-new items or release mysterious videos for players to figure out. The newest potential example of this has happened through tweets from an unlikely source: the Fortnite France Twitter account.

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Throughout this week, the account has been tweeting images of Fortnite’s fish that fit together like puzzle pieces. However, the main picture is still incomplete, with three images missing. The most recent image, revealed at 7:08am ET today, is of a Light Blue Shield Fish with a confusing picture on it.

Unsurprisingly, there has been plenty of speculation in the replies to the tweets, and some of it is pretty plausible.

Most commonly, fans are chalking this up to nothing more than an April Fool’s prank, considering it’s only a day away. This is undoubtedly the most reasonable, as there are a lot of oddities in how this reveal (if it is a notable one) is being handled. Looking at how the pattern of releasing new images has been going, there will be one more today, and the final two will come out on April Fool’s day.

Assuming this isn’t some big gotcha, it does seem like it could also tie into a couple of recent items. One user noticed that the most recent Fortnite update that brought in the Spring Breakout event also added a new fish-themed spray.

It’s hard to say what the connection might be, but it’s possible we are headed toward some fish-related content. When we recently covered the Survey Skins that are currently being worked on, there is a new Koi variant for the Chigusa character as well as two other skins that seem to fall under that same theme.

While it’s entirely possible this is all a red herring, the fact that there is a non-zero amount of fish-related content stacking up is unavoidable. It seems we won’t have the full answer until tomorrow, April 1, but we will be sure to bring you the full details if this turns out to be something important. If it is indeed all a joke, then we must tip our hats to Epic for going all-out in the name of banter.

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