Final Fantasy XIV Update 6.2 Gameplay & Details Revealed Including ‘Island Sanctuary’ Farming Sim-Like Content

Square Enix hosted the 72nd Final Fantasy XIV Letter From the Producer Live broadcast, focusing on upcoming update 6.2.

Final Fantasy XIV Update 6.2 Island Sanctuary Image Source: Square Enix

Today Square Enix hosted the 72nd Final Fantasy XIV Letter From the Producer Live broadcast, focusing on upcoming update 6.2 titled “Buried Memory.”

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As usual, producer and director Naoki Yoshida and global community producer Toshio Murouchi provided the first details about the upcoming update.

Following the reveal of the trailer and release date for the update (August 23, 2022), we get more information about the content of the update.

We also get a summary of the content announced during the previous Letter from the Producer Live.

Moving on to new goodies, we take a look at a new screenshot of the Omicron-focused tribal quest.

We also hear that the new Pandaemonium “Abyssos” savage raid, which will be released a week after update 6.2 is particularly difficult, with plenty of new mechanics.

Here’s a screenshot.

We also get to see a screenshot of the revamped Steps of Faith, which has become a solo quest battle.

The patch will include preparations for the graphics upgrade coming in 7.0. These include the implementation of optimized graphics processing and a beta version for a dynamic resolution feature.

We then hear about job changes, which will include no major overhauls, but minor adjustments will be done to each job.

A change will be made to actions that guarantee critical or direct hits. Before it would not receive any advantage from stats taht increase their rates. Now those will inflict bonus damage.

The same goes for the character’s direct hit rate attribute.

PvP is also getting an update, and we learn that Hidden Gorge will return.

While rewards will be updated for the start of Series 2 and series experience and level will be reset, you’ll be able to claim the rewards for Series 1 until the end of series 2.

Season 3 of Crystalline Conflict will begin with a change to ranked matches. The possibility of demotion will be added at the highest ranks.

All ranked characters will begin season 3 at Bronze 3 with Rising Stars set to 0.

Matching will also receive adjustments, and it’ll be possible to dynamically make changes without a patch.

Withdrawal mid-match will be punished more strictly and rewards will be adjusted.

We then get to take a look at gameplay from the new Pandaemonium Abyssos raid. Specifically, we see a boss named “Proto Carbuncle.” It certainly isn’t as cute as its descendant.

Next, Yoshida-san brought forth his traditional papers to show new equipment you can earn. He also joked in response to comments mentioning Elden Ring, and added that these would have never be finished in time if their creation started after Elden Ring released.

We also get to see some really cool effects on the raid armor and we learn that the Abyssos Mythos exchange rate will be adjusted, making it easier to get the head, hands, and feet pieces.

Next, we take a look at the tribal quests featuring the Omicrons, including one of the new mounts you can earn with them.

Next, it’s time to finally take a good look at the Island Sanctuary, which is really massive.

It will have a tutorial (which takes 2.5 hours to complete). There is no combat and mounts move around extremely fast. The recast timer of sprint is also instant.

You will be required to gather materials and build tools to create buildings. The island has its own crafting and gathering system and inventory. Gathering and crafting skills are not required.

The island also has its own experience and once you have enough materials you can build an “Island Hall.” Buildings you build at the beginning will be created in a few seconds, but as you progress advanced ones may require up to 12 hours. You can also use the content finder from the island, so you don’t need to wait without doing anything.

If you enjoy the look of the earlier buildings, you can keep it even if you advance through the advanced options.

By participating to island activities, you earn currency that you can use to buy rewards like mounts and glamor equipment.

You can then create fields to cultivate. You can sow seed and water them. It also rains and that waters your crops as well.

If you rank up your island enough, these tasks can be performed by NPCs.

You can build an enclosure to raise livestock that you can capture on the island by using crafted nets (you get the first automatically). Animals that you take care of will drop materials. Of course, you can name them.

As you keep progressing, you’ll be able to flatten more land to build more buildings.

You can release up to 40 minions on the island.

You need to clear Endwalker to get access to your island, and more features will be added with following patches.

We then move on to Variant Dungeons and we learn of Variant Actions, which are designed to let you overcome job shortcomings.

You can team up with Nanamo herself and even earn Tomestones.

When you have to select a route, players will be asked to “vote” by standing on the circle representing each choice.

We then take a look at another new mount and then we move to the much more challenging Criterion Dungeons.

A few housing items were also showcased.

A new Final Fantasy XIV Orchestra concert in Japan was announced and will be hosted in December. Ticket purchase will be available via lottery.

There will be four concerts, two on December 17 and two on December 18. The official merchandise for the concert will include an Elpis Flower Light.

The game PAX Australia in October, as shown below.

The “Mogchute Farm” livestreams have also been announced.

Speaking of livestreams, we’re also getting the traditional patch notes reading on August 22 (or 23 if you’re in Europe) and the traditional 14-hour broadcast on October 8.

A rather snazzy jacket has been made available for preorders today. It costs $76.24 and ships in mid-November. You can grab it here.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC. The Endwalker expansion has been released a few months ago and you can read our recent review.

Incidentally, the traditional seasonal event Moonfire Faire is currently going on in the game to celebrate the summer.

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