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Animal Fight Club Has Released on the Switch eShop and It Will Make Your Ears Bleed

Animal Fight Club

Animal Fight Club Has Released on the Switch eShop and It Will Make Your Ears Bleed

I’ve been looking around lately for some of the oddest and strangest games on the Nintendo Switch eShop as of late and after coming across a title called Animal Fight Club, it’s a shame that this port isn’t getting more attention –just wait until you see it in action.

The premise is simple: splice different animals together and then face off against other armies of mutated animals, both online and off. Ever wanted to see an alligator head on a dragon? Have you ever wanted to see a shark mixed with a kangaroo? C’mon, I know you’ve thought about it before.

Animal Fight Club was first released on PC a couple of months back and is on sale for $3.99 but it has just released on the Switch eShop for a lower price of $2.59 –what a steal.

I’m not going to lie to you guys, this indie game looks terrible on the Switch. The sound effects are the worst, the animations are stilted, the controls look very simple yet buggy, and the design is just atrocious.

Now, there are some folks who had a laughably good time with this game on PC with some reviewers even praising the ridiculous nature of the title. Stephen said that Animal Fight Club made him laugh for less than $3 and because of the price, it was totally worth the purchase.

Uranium Flare described the game as “Pokemon, but with animals.” Aren’t Pokemon mostly comprised of animals already??

After looking for gameplay videos on YouTube, I found this hilarious Let’s Play from a channel called NintendoGalaxy. You can watch some of the exhilarating gameplay down below –I could not believe my ears after the first few seconds of hearing what sounds like a woman screaming for her life, oh wait… that was supposed to be a flamingo?

Anyways, Animal Fight Club is on Switch and I’m not too sure if it should be. But, if any of you have played this title and would recommend it to people, please let us know in the comment section below –we need to know what’s the deal with this.

I know that the first rule of Animal Fight Club is to not talk about Animal Fight Club, but someone needs to bring this into the light.

For more on obscure titles that the eShop has to offer, check out this story on a game called Caged Garden Cock Robin –trust me, it’s not what you think it is.

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