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Zenless Zone Zero Trust System Explained

Become the most trustworthy Proxy around!

Want to know how to increase Trust with Agents in Zenless Zone Zero? We’ve got you covered! There are plenty of characters to get acquainted with as you explore the city of New Eridu. As you get to know them a little better, you’ll be able to improve your Trust ranking. which reveals more about them and can earn you rewards. However, you must first meet a few requirements before you can do this. We get into it, below!

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What is Trust in Zenless Zone Zero?

Trust is a system in Zenless Zone Zero where you can increase your standing with unlocked Agents to gain unique rewards.

After unlocking Agent Trust, you can increase it by completing certain Commissions, finishing an Agent Story, and saying the right things when engaging in dialogue when you talk to them in New Eridu. However, you first have to meet a few requirements before you can unlock Agent Trust.

Koleda Belobog Trust path in Zenless Zone Zero
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How to Unlock Agent Trust in Zenless Zone Zero

To unlock Agent Trust, you must do the following:

  • Obtain an Agent.
  • Complete Main Commission Chapter 2 Interlude and the “Anby’s Problem” Commission.
  • Complete the Agent’s Main Commission Plot to the Agent Story Plot.

It’s important to note that the Agent’s Story or Main Commission plot is different for each Agent. You can view an Agent’s specific Trust unlock requirements in the characters menu. After meeting the above requirements, you can earn Trust with an Agent, giving you access to exclusive rewards.

How to Gain Trust in Zenless Zone Zero

To gain Trust with an Agent in Zenless Zone Zero, you need either complete certain Agent or Main Story Commissions, say the right things in dialogue when talking with them in New Eridu, or engage in activities that build your relationship with them. These activities include texting Agents before you go to bed and arranging days out with them in New Eridu.

Grace Howard Agent Intel in Zenless Zone Zero
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The most important thing to consider when attempting to gain Agent Trust is the information you can gather from Agent Intel. Agent Intel contains all the relevant details about an Agent’s particular likes and dislikes, in addition to what makes them unique.

For example, an Agent may ask if you like something in particular. Checking their Agent Intel screen to see their thoughts on the subject will inform your dialogue choice to improve your standing with them. You can access a particular Agent’s Intel by checking their details in the corresponding character menu.

After gaining enough Trust with an Agent, you will gain access to Trust Progression Events that will unlock more Agent Intel. This will help you increase your Trust and progress your relationship with them. Increasing the Agent’s Trust and Trust Rank will allow you to unlock and claim rewards.

That’s all there is to know about the Trust system in Zenless Zone Zero. For more guides like this, be sure to check out our Zenless Zone Zero tier list. We’ve also got tips on how to get Denny and Polychrome, plus a handy reroll guide.

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