Yu Gi Oh Duel Links: How to Special Summon Monsters

Special Summons – Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

If you are looking to win every duel and become the “King of Games,” then you’ll need to learn how to summon powerful creatures from your deck. In Yu Gi Oh Duel Links you’re able to unleash a variety of creatures through your powerful spells. However, outside of Normal and Tribute Summoning, you can also Special Summon monsters onto the field. There are a variety of cards in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links that offer up abilities that can instantly put a monster card onto the field regardless of its star power. This is called Special Summoning and in order to perform it, you will need certain cards that contain this text and perform the pre-requisite actions listed on the card.

An example of this is the one-star monster card called Watapon that you can acquire by either acquiring packs or winning duels. This card’s text reads, “If this card is added from your Deck to your hand by a card effect: You may Special Summon this card.” What that means is if you or your opponent manage to put Watapon from your deck into your hand, the player in control of Watapon may summon it onto the battlefield with no strings attached.

Now there are some limits as certain Special Summons will have far more rigorous requirements, but this is a way to sneak a monster out when your opponent least expects it. Always having the upper hand is a key component in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, so make sure to try and have some powerful Special Summon monsters into your deck.

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