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Should You Summon for Changli or Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves?

Decide between Jinhsi and Changli for Wuthering Waves 1.1

Both Jinhsi and Changli are coming in Wuthering Waves 1.1 and not everyone will have enough pulls to summon both of them. This guide is meant for people who want to make the best decision possible for the future of their account by summoning either Changli or Jinhsi. So, let’s get into all the considerations for whether you should summon for Jinhsi or Changli in Wuthering Waves.

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Waifu Reasons

First of all, let’s get the waifu reasons out of the way – and yes, they are very valid for people who just want to have fun. This one depends totally on your preference for character designs and story. Currently, we don’t know much about Changli but when the update drops, you can expect to learn a whole lot more about her story.

Wuthering Waves Changli standing holding flaming fan idle animation
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Meanwhile, Jinhsi is a fairly well-established character and is currently the Magistrate of Jinhzou who uses the power of the legendary guardian Loong Jue. If your priorities are getting a character that you like and building them up, take a step back and choose the character whose design, character writing, and story you prefer. Wuthering Waves 1.1 will add a lot to the story for both of these characters, so wait a bit before you pull and learn more about both of them!

Gameplay Style

The next major consideration before we get into the meta stuff is the type of gameplay style you prefer. Both Jinhsi and Changli use a sword, but they have very different playstyles due to their Forte Circuits. Jinhsi’s playstyle and role are that of a main DPS. She uses her Forte Circuit to dash around, even in the air, and stay on the field for long durations to deal a ton of damage.

Wuthering Waves Version 1.1 new resonator jinhsi standing and holding arm out
Image Source: Kuro Games

On the other hand, Changli’s role is that of a support or sub-DPS character that can buff Fusion characters and has a relatively fast and straightforward combo. However, Changli’s combos are extremely flashy and seem satisfying to pull off. Her primary objective is the buff the incoming Fusion character with her outro skill.

Meta Reasons

If you’re looking for a Main DPS unit and want to build an entire team around them, then Jinhsi should be your go-to option. Especially for players who have only one or no proper DPS unit on their account, Jinhsi will be a great addition. Her damage numbers are some of the highest in the game and she’s meant to be a powerful character that can clear Tower of Adversity content. However, you will need a full team to support her. Currently, there are no Spectro buffing units that can provide her with dedicated support.

Wuthering Waves Jinhsi Resonance Liberation skill
Image Source: Kuro Games

On the other hand, Changli is a dedicated Fusion damage buffer and a general buffer who can provide some good sub-DPS and be slotted into most teams as an option. She will not be the core of her team, but teams that rely on Fusion damage such as Encore DPS or Chixia teams can benefit greatly from Changli’s skills. If you’re not using Encore, Changli won’t provide you with her full value yet.

Longevity and Future Considerations

The most important consideration on this list actually depends on what direction you want to take your account. While Changli is not the best choice for anyone besides Encore users, this will change in the future. Future DPS characters such as Camellya or even Scar could benefit greatly from having access to a dedicated Fusion damage buffer. If you plan on pulling for either of them in the future versions, Changli is a good early investment.

Wuthering Waves Camellya thinking with finger on chin
Image Source: Kuro Games via Twinfinite

On the other hand, Jinhsi can operate on her own right now. She’s also pretty future-proof in terms of her own DPS. However, as we mentioned, there is no Spectro Buffer unit in the game right now. For your Changli to reach her full potential, you would be required to get whatever Spectro support unit Kuro Games releases in a future patch.

Weapon Consideration

Wuthering Waves is different from other gachas. A character’s signature weapon and 5-star weapons, in general, are a whole league above their lower rarity counterparts. If you’re going for Jinhsi her weapon is crucial, as it’s tailor-made for her and has a significantly higher damage output compared to alternatives. Changli’s weapon is also strong but it’s not a requirement for her. Make sure to consider whether you can get the character’s weapon or not.

Wuthering Waves new weapons for Changli and Jinhsi
Image Source: Kuro Games

Personally, I’ll be going with Changli because I would love to build a team around Camellya or even Scar when the time for their release comes. However, if you want a powerful meta unit and enjoy Jinhsi’s design, she’s definitely the meta option here.

That’s all from us on whether you should summon Jinhsi or Changli in Wuthering Waves 1.1. While you’re here, do read up on our full patch notes for WuWa 1.1. Also, check out the total Astrites you get in 1.1 to better plan your pulls!

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