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Who Are the Villains of Avatar: The Way of Water? Answered

The villains of Avatar: The Way of Water, explained.

Avatar: The Way of Water has shown why James Cameron is one of the greatest, most perfectionist directors of all time. The film changes the scenery and goes to a fishing village, as Jake (Sam Worthington) and his family have to leave the forest and its community as bad people are looking to kill him. Who? Here’s the answer to who are the villains of Avatar: The Way of Water.

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***Spoilers for Avatar 2: The Way of Water ahead***

Who Are the Bad Guys in Avatar: The Way of Water?

The villains of Avatar: The Way of Water are the military, especially Quaritch (Stephen Lang). The bad guy from the first movie is back, in Avatar form, as they used his DNA and memories to create Avatars for him and his squad. 

Quaritch and his team want to kill Jake because he’s the leader of the forest people, who, under his command, are sabotaging the technological advancements of the humans (known in Pandora as the sky people), trying to stop deforestation, industrialization, and contamination from happening. So the military gives Quaritch carte blanche to do anything necessary to end that threat, including killing Jake.

Quaritch also has a personal axe to grind with both Jake and his wife Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), as they’re the ones who killed him when he was a human in the first movie.

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