Who are The Endless in The Sandman?
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Who Are The Endless in The Sandman?

Here's everything you need to know about The Endless in The Sandman.

Netflix’s new series features many scenes that discuss a group called “The Endless.” But, who exactly are these characters in The Sandman? The only way to answer this question is by looking at the series’ comics and episodes that include these mighty beings.

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Who Are The Endless in The Sandman? Answered

The Endless siblings of The Sandman
Source: DC Comics

Based on the DC comics series and The Sandman, The Endless are personified siblings born from the cosmic entities Night and Time, who each rule over their own realm.

The Sandman references these characters a few times, such as when Lucienne tells Dream to ask his siblings for help in Episode 2. Eventually, these characters make an appearance in later episodes of the series.

In order to understand these entities, we’ll break down each of the characters within The Endless.


Who are The Endless in The Sandman?
Source: Netflix

Dream (Morpheus, The Sandman, Tom Sturridge) is a part of The Endless as the ruler of a realm called “The Dreaming.” Mortals can enter this mystical location when they fall asleep in the Waking World to escape their grueling reality.

In this realm, Morpheus controls everything and can produce Dreams and Nightmares until one of his creations goes against him. From then on, he goes through many unfortunate situations alone and refuses to ask his siblings for help since he knows they must take care of their own realms.

With this in mind, Morpheus doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with his family and resents them for not coming to his aid.

If you are watching the Netflix series or reading the comics, you’ll notice the trademark helm that he wears on his head. This particular item is a sigil that differs with each sibling, and they all try to take great care of these objects. They can also utilize these sigils as a form of contact that is typically found in The Endless’ Gallery (an area within their realm.)


Endless sibling, Death
Source: Netflix

As one of the only Endless siblings that have a good relationship with Dream, Death is a kind-hearted entity that respects the human race. Her main task is to guide deceased mortals to her realm and bring life to those who have just been born into the mortal world. Although Death’s realm doesn’t have a name, some have called it “The Light at the End of the Tunnel.”

During Episode 6 of The Sandman, Dream trusts her enough to ask Death for advice and believes her to be his voice of reason. However, the character wasn’t always like this since she used to be cruel in the past.

You can also spot her sigil of the ankh pendant on her neck in various scenes in The Sandman.


Endless sibling, Desire
Source: Netflix

Desire is a sibling that loves messing with their brother, Dream, causing many problems for the main character in The Sandman. They embody the feeling of yearning and regard mortals as weak due to their superiority complex.

This sibling of The Endless takes on many forms and changes to whoever you desire most. They are also highly egotistical, especially since their realm, The Threshold, is a statue of their body.

While Dream calls upon Desire in The Sandman, he uses their glass heart sigil to confront them because of their misdeeds in the show.


Despair in The Sandman
Source: Netflix

Despair is the twin sister of Desire that rules over The Gray Realm filled with rats, fog, and floating mirrors where she can be seen looking at you. In The Sandman Episode 7, she strategies with her twin to enact another scheme against their brother, Dream.

As an Endless, she brings despair to the human race and regularly observes them in this sorrowful state. Additionally, Despair is not the first of her kind since her original version died, something that had never happened before in her family.

When she is “happy,” she cuts into her flesh using her sigil of a ring with a hook on her finger.


Endless sibling, Destiny
Source: DC Comics

Destiny is the oldest Endless sibling and lives within his realm, The Garden of Forking Ways, a location surrounded by mazes that mimic the many pathways of life. He is the personification of Destiny and is briefly mentioned in The Sandman from the Ruler of Hell.

If you can get past his labyrinth in his realm, you will reach another hedge maze called “Garden,” where you can find Destiny’s castle.

Because of his unique abilities, he knows all, including events from the past, present, and future. In addition to this knowledge, he obtains the sigil of a book chained to his wrist.


Endless sibling: Destruction
Source: DC Comic

Several episodes talk about a character called “The Prodigal,” another name for one of The Endless entities, Destruction. In Episode 6 of the series, Dream and Death converse about his whereabouts and indicate that he has been missing, along with other scenes that discuss this matter.

Unlike his siblings, Destruction left his realm 300 years ago and hasn’t spoken to them ever since. But, before he abandoned his world, he got along with his family for the most part and was considered a happy man.

Everything changes for him when he no longer wants to be a part of the destruction of the universe, despite being the personification of it. Yet, he still carries his sigil of a sword even if he isn’t a part of The Endless anymore.


Endless sibling: Delirium
Source: DC Comics

Delirium, previously known as Delight, is the youngest of the seven Endless siblings and one of the few that didn’t make it onto The Sandman. Out of all of them, she is a wildcard of the group that does whatever she wants, like how she constantly changes her hair color.

This character resides in her realm called “Madness,” a world that reflects her eccentric spirit with colors, drawings, and strange objects scattered everywhere. What makes her different from her siblings is the fact that she is the only one to adjust her role as an Endless by changing her name and personification to the chaotic powers of Delirium.

After this transformation, her sigil changed from a flower to a swirl of colors that can fade to black when she’s angry.

Hopefully, this guide gives you a better understanding of who The Endless are in The Sandman. If you want more Netflix content, you can check out the relevant links below to see more shows, such as the trailer for Bee and PuppyCat and a new Pokemon Special, The Arceus Chronicles.

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