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Netflix’s Bee and PuppyCat Trailer Shows Off Life in the Space Temp Agency

Bee and PuppyCat Trailer

Netflix’s Bee and PuppyCat Trailer Shows Off Life in the Space Temp Agency

Bee and PuppyCat gets new trailer and release date on Netflix.

Bee and PuppyCat has finally received a new trailer showing off how the series is shaping up for its Netflix debut later this year. The show has garnered a cult following, and fans have been anxiously awaiting new episodes following the first season that was released on YouTube and VRV back in 2014. The new trailer looks to be a soft reboot of the series shows off some classic moments from the first season, which can be found on YouTube.

Bee and PuppyCat follows the story of a girl named Bee and her intergalactic cat-puppy named PuppyCat. Down on her luck, Bee has just gotten fired and is looking for meaning in her life when PuppyCat falls out of the sky and hits her in the face. The trailer shows them taking odd jobs with the Space Temp agency and facing loads of enemy entities along the way.

When Does Bee and PuppyCat Coming Out?

Bee and PuppyCat initially premiered on YouTube via Frederator Studios‘ YouTube channel, Cartoon Hangover, in 2013 with a two-part episode. After that, it received a full season on YouTube and VRV in 2014, so fans have been waiting for new episodes for eight years.

In 2017, Frederator Studios announced that new episodes were in production and the series would be making the move to Netflix. After a five-year wait, Bee and PuppyCat will finally be coming to Netflix on Sep. 6, 2022.

Try not to snooze your alarm clocks for too long after your catnap because it looks like this series is shaping up to be an incredible experience. Stick around and keep up with all the latest coverage on shows on Netflix like Stranger Things, Pokemon, and more.

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