Which Reality Should You Choose in Entangled in Starfield
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Which Reality Should You Choose in Entangled in Starfield

Not the easiest choice.

One of the strangest main missions in Starfield happens near the end of the storyline. You’ll be required to respond to a distress signal that seems pretty standard, but things go a little wonky. By the end of the mission, you’ll have a pretty large decision to make. We’re happy to help you determine which reality is the right/better choice in the Entangled main mission.

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Best Reality Choice in Entangled

Throughout the mission, you’ll be experiencing the Nishina Research Station in two different realities. In one, the station is fine, and all the workers are alive. The other reality, however, is a worse situation. In it, Nishina is a disaster on the inside and full of hostile Cataxi creatures.

The convergence point is a disaster that was fixed in one reality but happened in the other. That hinged on one worker, Rafael, who either sacrificed himself or was the only survivor of the disaster. In the disaster reality, it’s hard to walk even a few feet with enemies attacking or debris blocking paths.

As you journey through the research station in the intact reality, everything is mostly fine. The only enemies you face are robots and turrets that you can easily disable through computer terminals. In every comparison, the reality where Rafael sacrificed himself is the better choice.

Entangled Reality Choice
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

This isn’t only because the Cataxi are annoying (though they truly are) but due to the circumstances of the two realities. Once you have chosen and (if) you picked the people, there is a certain dialogue choice. You can tell them something to the effect of: you picked them because Rafael sacrificed himself, and that’s important to honor. You also get access to the people and the facility’s services, so it’s just a better place.

As far as the story at large goes, there isn’t any real significance to your decision. This mission is mostly to show you how dangerous the artifacts can be while you are still considering how to deal with everything you know about Unity.

If you want to experience the other reality ending to Entangled, your only way to do so will be to play in new game plus and get to this point in the story. As choice is still an important part of experiencing the Starfield story, you can find some of our other choice guides in the links below.

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