What Is Ring of Kafrene in Andor? Star Wars Explained

We answer the question what is the Ring of Kafrene in Andor?

What Is Ring of Kafrene in Andor? Image Source: Andor ~ Lucasfilm

In Andor Episode 9, “No One Is Listening,” the ISB (Imperial Security Bureau) discusses Supervisor Meero’s recent information from interrogating people on Ferrix. During the discussion, they mention rebel activity in an area called Kafrene, also known as the Ring of Kafrene. But this is not the first time this location is mentioned in the Star Wars universe leaving many fans asking what is Ring of Kafrene in Andor?

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The Ring of Kafrene is a massive structure that serves as a mining colony as well as a deep-space trading post, operating as a junction between the Corellian Trade Spine (which connects it to the planets Coruscant and Anoat) and the Biox Detour (which connects it to the planets Takodana and Malastare).

In Episode 9, the ISB has a captured pilot working for the rebel Kreegyr (the person Luthan asked Saw Gerrera to work with in Episode 8) who was on his way to Kafrene. Meero comes up with a plan to kill the pilot and let him and his ship drift near Kafrene so it will be towed into the structure in hopes of getting more information on the rebels without alerting Kreegyr. This is not the first time Kafrene has played a pivotal role in Star Wars.

Where Else Has the Ring of Kafrene Been Mentioned? Answered

What Is Ring of Kafrene in Andor?
Image Source: Rogue One ~ Lucasfilm

Kafrene was first introduced in Rogue One and is the first appearance of Andor. Andor travels to the structure to meet a contact who has information on why the Empire was shipping kyber crystals across the galaxy; a contact Andor eventually kills when Stormtroopers discover them.

Kafrene was also seen in the Marvel Comics series, “Star Wars 50,” which takes place shortly after “A New Hope,” where Han Solo, Chewbacca, and C-3PO were making a deal with an Alaphani for a set of transponder codes.

This location seems to be a staging ground for important events in the final three episodes of Andor Season 1, so it is good to know what the Ring of Kafrene is in Andor.

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