The Last Guardian Walkthrough: The First Scented Pot Area

How to Get Past the Scented Pot Area – The Last Guardian

Fairly early in The Last Guardian, you’ll be met with its scent mechanic. As you emerge from the ruins with Trico, it’ll be immediately drawn to some sort of strong scent nearby. That scent happens to be coming from a pot behind a wall full of holes, and Trico is insistent on stuffing its head in a hole in a desperate attempt to get to it.

You’ll need to get rid of the alluring scent in order to continue. Head inside one of the holes (one that currently isn’t filled with Trico’s head) and you’ll find the scented pot culprit. Drag this pot over to the middle hole. This will cause Trico to stuff its head into the middle hole, and allow you to go outside and climb up his back to a nearby ledge. Hop onto the top of this building, and head over to the ladder in the back.

Once you descend, you’ll be on a walkway that leads to the top of the pot. Hit the Square button to push it shut, getting rid of the scent and snapping Trico back into its right mind. Now you’ll want to exit through the hole and head back outside. To the right is an archway, and you’ll need to head through there and along the ledge on the wall. Call Trico to get it to jump on top of the nearby wall. Now head back and climb up Trico’s tail. This will allow you to reach a new ledge and leave this area.

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