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Super Mario Odyssey: What Yellow Coins Do


Super Mario Odyssey: What Yellow Coins Do

What Yellow Coins Do in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has a lot going on, especially more types of coins to collect. However, that doesn’t mean that the classic yellow coins are out of the picture. They’re still alive and kicking, though a bit different from before. Players of the older games may remember that collecting 100 of them got you an extra life, but Super Mario Odyssey no longer uses a life system. Instead, the coins are used more like traditional currency in the game.

After reaching the Sand Kingdom, players will gain access to the Crazy Cap Shop. This in-game store sells useful items, decorations for the Odyssey (the hat-shaped ship you use in game), as well as fun costumes you can sport while exploring the various kingdoms have to offer. Do note that not all things can be purchased with the classic yellow coins, as some require special, purple, Regional Coins which are specific to each kingdom in the game. Still, you can buy quite a bit with yellow coins, so you should definitely be trying to save them all up.

You should also be aware that if playing the game on normal, you will lose 10 coins each time you die. That’s not too big a deal, though, as coins respawn when you do, so you can just collect coins from around the world again to keep building up that pile.

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