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Super Mario Odyssey: Is It Getting DLC?


Super Mario Odyssey: Is It Getting DLC?

Expanding the adventure?

Is Super Mario Odyssey Getting DLC?

Super Mario Odyssey follows Mario on yet another adventure to rescue Princess Peach. This time, she’s been kidnapped by Bowser and is being forced into marriage. He must embark on a grand quest with a new companion, Cappy, as they travel to different kingdoms and collect Power Moons to power up their ship.

The game is filled with plenty of activities, each varying depending on the Kingdom you’re in. Moreover, Mario can even change his outfit via amiibo figures or by buying them from the in-game stores. That said, fans might want more when it comes to content. Unfortunately, Nintendo has yet to announce any future DLC for Super Mario Odyssey.

While it might be exciting to embark on new quests, buy more costumes, travel to new kingdoms, and even play as different characters, it doesn’t seem like the developers are looking into it at the moment. However, Nintendo has been quite open with DLC over the past few months, so there could be a chance they might make some for the game.

Whatever the case, there are still plenty of activities in the game. If you need any help with collecting Power Moons and what not, make sure to check out our nifty guides!

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