Should You Steal the Idol of Silvanus in Emerald Grove in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)? Explained
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Should You Steal the Idol of Silvanus in Emerald Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)? Explained

Putting those sticky fingers to good use.

The Emerald Grove (X:245, Y:506) druids are going a bit insane in the lower level of the area. They are conducting a ritual that will close off Emerald Grove to any outsiders. Sadly, that includes any non-druid residents. Part of the ritual involves the Idol of Silvanus, something you and your sticky fingers can steal, but should you?

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Stealing the Idol of Silvanus in BG3

If you want to steal the Idol of Silvanus, you should probably do a few things in the area before that.

First, make sure you talk to Kagha, but she won’t waver. You just need this dialogue to tell Zevlor that you at least spoke with her.

Kagha Dialogue
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Once you speak to Zevlor, he is rather receptive to letting you assassinate Kagha. It is likely useless to go through the dialogue with Nettie, as she won’t be able to cure you anyway, and picking a fight with every druid means you can’t safely track down Halsin afterward.

The short answer is yes, steal it, but be careful that you are equipped to take on a good number of druids at once.

When to Steal the Idol of Silvanus

No matter when you take the Idol, it counts as stealing, but there are two distinct times to do it.

If you take the Idol during the ritual, it will kick off a chain of events where the druids begin slaughtering the residents in other areas of Emerald Grove. While that is going on, all the druids surrounding you will become hostile. The small center with the Idol’s pedestal gives you a decent vantage point to start slinging spells/arrows, though.

You can also choose to fight Kagha, and after she is defeated, you’ll find all the druids ran out to slaughter the residents, leaving you free to steal the Idol at your leisure.

Idol of Silvanus Benefits

Holding the Idol of Silvanus bestows Silvanus’ Blessing on the party, which gives proficiencies in Nature and Animal Handling. As both of these are important dialogue options, it’s a good passive item to have.

Idol of Silvanus in Inventory
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If you hold off on your theft machinations for the time being, if you instead go meet Mol, you can be given the Steal the Sacred Idol quest. While the end result is largely the same, there will be an actual reward for taking it.

While stealing the Idol of Silvanus is an easy enough task, it is getting away with it that might cause you some trouble. For more Baldur’s Gate 3 item (and thievery) guides, check out our links below.

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