How to Find Mol in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)
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How to Find Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Tiefling children seek your aid.

It can be hard to keep track of all the NPCs in the game, but some provide useful benefits and shouldn’t be ignored. That is the case with Mol, a Tiefling you can encounter not far from where you start the game. However, it will take a few steps to actually find Mol.

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Where to Find Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to be instantly accepted by Mol, it is recommended you actually explore the Druid area of Emerald Grove. You’ll want to free Arabella from Kagha, who caught her stealing the Idol of Silvanus. If you get her out of that jam, Mol will be much more friendly.

Following that, take the northeastern path out of the Druid area (where the ritual is happening). You’ll hear singing and get the Investigate the Beach quest.

Investigate the Beach Map Location
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By the water will be Mirkon, entranced by the singing.

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Interfering with the kid or the singing will cause a fight to start with four harpies. These shouldn’t be too difficult to take down.

With the harpies slain and Mirkon saved, he will tell you to find Doni. Head back to the ritual area and up the nearby stairs. Doni will be along the path ahead before it widens and is quite hard to miss.

Doni Location
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As per Mirkon’s instructions, pick the dialogue option “Doni, isn’t it? I want to see the Dragon’s Lair.”

Doni Secret Phrase
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With this code given, Doni will open a nearby secret hatch that you must go down into. As you are still on the Investigate the Beach quest, Mol will be highlighted with a waypoint on your minimap. Talking to Mol will lead to the Steal the Sacred Idol quest. You need to be careful, as we noted in our guide about stealing the Idol of Silvanus.

Why is Mol Important?

By doing the above steps and getting on Mol’s good side, they will vouch for you later in Act 2 when you arrive at the Last Light Inn. Jaheira will be instantly suspicious, but Mol will explain that you helped when no one else would.

What you choose to do from here is entirely up to you, but this is everything you need to get to Mol and get the gears of fate turning. For more Baldur’s Gate NPC and puzzle guides, check out our links below.

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