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Pyre: Which Vocation You Should Choose


Pyre: Which Vocation You Should Choose

Which Vocation You Should Choose in Pyre

While you’ll spend a lot of your time in Pyre competing in the Rites, you’ll also have some time as you journey from location to location to take part in a vocation of your choice. There are three different vocations you can take part in in Pyre, but which one you should choose depends on what you want to achieve, as well as what trophies you want to unlock.

The first vocation you can choose is to search the surrounding area for items. This can be helpful if you’re wanting to unlock the trophy that requires you to spend 1000 Sol in the Slugmarket. Anything you obtain here can be sold or, if it’s a Talisman, replace an existing one which can then be sold.

The second vocation you can do is study the Book of Rites alone. This will allow you to focus in one of three areas at first. Each one, once you’ve studied that particular area twice, will grant a +1 buff to a specific stat for all of your exiles. If you’re simply looking to generally improve your exiles’ performance in the Rites, this is a solid option. However, the third and final option is more lucrative if you want a particular exile to rise through the ranks quickly.

During your vocation time, the final option you’ll have is the ability to mentor an exile individually. This will simply reward that character 1000 Enlightenment (the game’s name for experience), which can go a long way toward leveling them up. If you’re wanting to get a character to level five for one of Pyre’s trophies, this is something you’ll want to consistently do with one character whenever you get the chance.

In our playthrough of the game, we completely ignored the first option and instead focused on improving our exiles’ stats through either studying alone for a general buff, or through mentoring. Of course, if you’re more focused on utilizing the power of Talisman in Rites, you’ll want to make sure your vocation time is spent on searching the surrounding area instead.

That’s all you really need to know about each vocation in Pyre and which one you should choose. For more on the game, be sure to check our wiki.

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