Pokemon Let’s Go: Silph Co Walkthrough Guide

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Silph Co Walkthrough Guide in Pokemon Let’s Go

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Silph Co is one of the many locations you’ll stumble across in Pokemon Let’s Go. This building is home to some of the most brilliant inventions in all of Kanto, which is why it’s always a big target for Team Rocket. The building is comprised of multiple floors and it’s pretty easy to get lost. If you’re having trouble getting your way around, here’s a Silph Co Walkthrough to help you reach Giovanni in Pokemon Let’s Go.

How to Get Inside

This huge building is located in the heart of Saffron City, which is also the heart of Kanto in Pokemon Let’s Go. After you get the tea from Brock in Celadon City, you can take any of the routes leading towards Saffron in Pokemon Let’s Go.

When you first arrive, Jesse and James will be hanging around the building and arguing with the Team Rocket grunt outside. After a short scuffle, you can follow them inside and free the building from the crime organization. Before going in, make sure you heal your ‘mons first, as you will fight Blue on the first floor.

How to Find Giovanni in Pokemon Let’s Go

Once you’ve beaten Blue, you can go on ahead and start exploring Silph Co in Pokemon Let’s Go. While there are tons of floors to explore, there’s a certain route that will lead you to Giovanni, the Team Rocket Boss.

You can even skip most of the floors in Silph Co to avoid battling all of the other Rocket Grunts in the building, but you’ll be missing out on tons of items along the way. Luckily, you can always revisit each floor later once you’ve beaten Giovanni.

Here’s the quickest way to get to the top of Silph Co in Pokemon Let’s Go:

  • Look for the lift on the first floor and take it up to 5F. Once you’re there, head left to stumble across a cutscene with Team Rocket’s Archie and your Rival.
  • Once you beat Archie and his Rocket Grunt, you’ll get access to the Key Card.
  • Travel to 3F by taking the lift or walking down the stairs.
  • Head over to the central room and use the Key Card to get inside. There, you will find a teleporter that will take you to 7F.
  • Taking the teleporter will trigger yet another cutscene with your Rival and Archie. Once that’s over, take the other teleporter in the room to head straight to 11F.
  • Follow the long hallway up to the president’s room until Jessie and James stop you. Beat them in battle to send them scurrying away.
  • Enter the president’s room to fight Giovanni. After you win, the Silph Co president will thank you for getting rid of the criminal organization and reward you with the Master Ball.

How to Get Porygon

You can actually nab a Porygon after the Silph Co incident in Pokemon Let’s Go. To get this ‘mon in your party, make sure to head over to the fifth floor before fighting Giovanni.

There, you’ll see a Silph Co employee taking care of a Porygon. If you talk to him, he’ll mention something about wanting to get the ‘mon to safety amid the Rocket takeover in Pokemon Let’s Go.

After successfully clearing Silph Co, you’ll see the same man hanging around the south of Saffron City. Talk to him and he will reward you with the Porygon.

That’s everything you need to know about Silph Co in Pokemon Let’s Go. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Pokemon Let’s Go wiki for other useful guides.

Here are a few guides to get you started:

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