Persona 5: Where to Get a Video Game Console and All Games

Where to Get a Video Game Console and All Games in Persona 5

Being a teenager and all in Persona 5, sometimes you just wanna hang out and play video games. Of course, you’ll first need a video game console and some games to do so. You can purchase one during the summer from the vendor near Leblanc in Yongen-Jaya as long as you purchased the TV from him. If he doesn’t have it right when the summer begins just check back every now and then.

The games can be obtained in two different places:

Yongen Jaya

  • Star Forneus
  • Gambla Goemon


  • Punch Ouch
  • Train of Life
  • Power Intuition
  • Golfer Sarutahiko

Just bring some cash and go pick up the video game console these games so you can have some fun back at home in Leblanc. Do note that playing these games passes time, so make sure you take care of your priorities first. Also, when going for the Golden Finger trophy, which requires that you complete all games, playing with others while hanging out does not count towards that progress. You have to play alone on your own time.

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