Persona 5 Trophy Guide: How to Beat the Reaper (A Unique Rebel)

How to Beat the Reaper and Get the ‘A Unique Rebel’ Trophy in Persona 5

The Reaper is a powerful, reoccurring enemy in the Persona series. In Persona 5 it appears if you remain idle in Mementos. Stay on a floor too long and this terrifying being will come to chase you away. If you’re too slow it will kill you. Unfortunately, if you want to Platinum the game you’re going to need the ‘A Unique Rebel’ trophy which requires killing the Reaper, a task much easier said than done.

This monster does not have any weaknesses and cannot fall victim to status ailments. It’s also ridiculously powerful and will work to exploit your weaknesses and obliterate your team with ease. However, there is an exploit of sorts, and funnily enough, it’s the flu. If you enter Mementos during the Flu Season (11/13, 11/14, 12/8, 12/9) there is a chance that the Reaper will have the Despair condition, which will make it kill itself, earning you the trophy.¬†Before making use of this, you will want to raise the Rank of your Star Confidant to have instant escapes against enemies.

To capitalize on this odd turn of events, enter Mementos during the Flu Season, and go to a floor that you’re way too strong for (which will be one of the top floors). Then leave the starting area, and just wait by standing still on one of the floors. When the Reaper appears, make sure to attack it before it ambushes you. After doing so, check to see if it has Despair. If it doesn’t, escape the fight immediately. Continue to do this until you engage it and the Despair ailment is present. Now just fight and wait for the nightmare to commit suicide.

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