Persona 5: How to Raise All Social Stats

How to Raise All Social Stats in Persona 5

Social Stats in Persona 5 are very important. While they don’t carry much weight while exploring Palaces and Mementos (which is where you find all of the demons), they do play a serious part in the real world when it comes to dealing with vendors, NPCs, and forging bonds that can lead to Confidants and new abilities. You’ll want to level them all up as the game progresses, and it’s best to start early. Of course, you’ll need to know how to do so first.

There are five Social Stats to keep track of – Knowledge, Guts, Charm, Proficiency, and Kindness. They don’t increase quickly, so don’t lose hope if things start taking long, just make sure to follow the proper methods. One thing to note is that all of the five stats can be raised by simply reading a book that corresponds to a specific one. You’ll have to actually finish the book, but it definitely helps out, especially for the tougher ones. You’ll often get time to read, while things like work aren’t always available, so keep that in mind.

Knowledge – This represents how smart you are and how other students will perceive you. When you first start out at Shujin Academy, you’re known simply as some thug but this shows others that you may actually just be a regular old student. Raising this stat is easy, simply answer questions correctly in class, or help others (like Ryuji) study for exams. Also, doing some studying of your own helps out quite a bit too. A good place to study is the diner located in Shibuya Central Street as that can raise your Guts as well. This is one of the most important Social Stats in school, so don’t let it slip in Persona 5.

Guts – Increasing this stat allows you to purchase better weapons from Untouchable and also opens up braver dialogue options when dealing with certain NPCs. To raise this you’ll simply need to be brave. Study in loud areas, work certain jobs, and make sure to partake in Dr. Takemi’s clinical trials. Don’t worry, they won’t kill you, though they will leave you a bit sick. Studying at the Shibuya diner helps out too (for 700 yen). You can also try your hand at the eating contest in Shibuya at night, it’s located at the burger joint.

Charm – Charm is all about sweet-talking people, especially ladies. You’ll need it to to raise Ann’s bond as well as deal with other NPCs. You can raise it in certain jobs, but also by visiting the bathhouse near your home. On Mondays and Thursdays you even get extra experience towards Charm.

Proficiency – This is needed for crafting in a more timely fashion as well as dealing with certain NPCs. You can actually up this Social Stat in Persona 5 by crafting Morgana’s different Infiltration Tools. You can also raise this by working certain jobs such as the Beef Bowl spot. Getting some practice in at the Batting Cage helps out a lot here as well, as does taking part in the eating contest at the burger joint in Shibuya (at night).

Kindness – Being nice is useful in the world of Persona 5. It’s needed to obtain certain jobs and speak with certain people. The best way to increase it is to practice by working jobs that have you talking with people a lot, like Leblanc for example. You can also take care of the plant in your room to up this stat, and it doesn’t waste any time so always do this when you notice your plant wilting.

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