Miles Morales: What the Trailer Song Is

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, What the Trailer Song Is

If you’re like most gamers, it’s not exactly uncommon for a trailer’s song to blow you away, either in how well it matches the game it’s advertising or how good it is all on its own. The song used for Spider-Man: Miles Morales is no exception, and to help you track it down as soon as possible, we’re here with a guide on what the trailer song is for Miles Morales.

What the Miles Morales Trailer Song Is

To cut right to the chase, the song used in Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ trailer is “This Is My Time” by Lecrae.

Released on Nov. 6, the track was made specifically for the game’s soundtrack. Lecrae serves as the main artist to provide vocals for the song, and it was composed by a number of individuals including Lecrae Moore, Matthew Samuels (Boi-1Da), Wesley Smith Jr., and Quinten Coblentz. Johann ‘Yogi’ Deterville, meanwhile, acted as the song’s producer, and the song has been published by Reach Records.

Its total run time is 2 minutes and 15 seconds, so you’ve heard a decent chunk of it if you learned about it through Miles Morales’ launch trailer. All the same though, it’s still worth listening to in its entirety, and the full track carries through the emotion and energy that helps make the trailer pop and stand out as memorable.

That’s all there is to know really. It’s a fantastic piece of music, and if you’d like to support Lecrae’s production of more music like it, then it’s highly recommended you look into ways of purchasing the official release of the song and his other works. You can also listen to the entire Miles Morales soundtrack on Spotify too.

Hopefully this cleared up what the trailer song is for Spider-Man: Miles Morales. For more on the game, check out our other guides on topics like how long it takes to beat and how to sprint and run faster.

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