Metroid Dread: Can You Get Stuck? Answered

metroid dread can you get stuck

If you’ve been playing Metroid Dread, the latest game in the Metroid series, you may find yourself getting lost to the point of feeling stuck. In some cases, you may even feel so stuck that you think you’ve managed to soft-lock the game. But is that truly possible? We’re here to help answer the question of whether or not you can get stuck in Metroid Dread.

Can You Get Stuck in Metroid Dread?

The short answer is no, you probably are not stuck to the point of being soft-locked in Metroid Dread. It’s a tough game that is designed to make you feel lost at times. But as long as you are playing the game normally, there is an astronomically small chance of you getting so stuck that you cannot find a way forward.

In the first few days of the game’s release back in October, there were a few minor instances of bugs that prevented a small percentage of players from making progress. However, Nintendo has patched those bugs. We can’t say for certain whether game-breaking bugs still exist in the game, but the chances of it happening are remarkably low.

Of course, if you are intentionally sequence breaking or even performing glitches to play the game in ways that the developers did not intend, there is a chance you could find yourself stuck or soft-locked.

Most sequence-breaking in Metroid Dread still has possible solutions and ways to make progress, as the developers knew that this is a popular way to play games in the series on subsequent playthroughs. But like any game, there may be roadblocks that make you stuck permanently if you intentionally perform unintended glitches.

So, if you are playing the game normally, there is almost certainly a solution when you are feeling stuck.

In these cases, we have some tips for finding your way:

  • Check your map for new areas to explore
  • Think about your abilities and what new doors you can go through
  • Shoot and bomb floors and walls looking for a way forward
  • Backtrack to old areas with your new weapons/abilities
  • Go back and talk to Adam for your objective

We know it can get frustrating when you feel stuck, but don’t lose hope! When all else fails, we have a ton of guides here at Twinfinite to help you find the way forward. In any case, this answers the question of whether or not you can get stuck in Metroid Dread.

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