Hunt Showdown: How to Clean Weapons

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Hunt Showdown is a survival shooter that looks to make its environment and ambiance as creepy as possible, as players must hunt or be hunted in a game of death. In order to make things as authentic, the game has made weapon conditions deteriorate according to the terrain. Here is everything you need to know about how to clean weapons in Hunt Showdown.

While you’ll start out with weapons that are in pristine condition, the more you play Hunt Showdown, the more likely it is you’ll have to find a way to clean the items you own.

Weapons get dirty in the game whenever you get downed and revived or pick up weapons off dead hunters.

After the game ends, your owned weapons will not automatically clean become clean again.

If you don’t clean your weapons, they will get dirty and could possibly mess up your view.

How to Clean Weapons in Hunt Showdown

Thankfully, you can clean weapons from the main menu after each match.

In order to do so, just select the option in the menu. The only prerequisite for fixing your weapon is that you must have blood bonds.

Blood bonds are a form of currency in Hunt Showdown that are given out at the end of each match. The amount you get depends on how well you did in each respective fight.

It should be noted that dirty weapons are much different than contraband weapons.

Contraband weapons are items that you take from someone else. The catch of taking these weapons off of enemies is that they’ll have defects, like a cracked scope.

To Summarize,

  1. Go to the Clean Weapons option in the main menu

  2. Make sure you have Blood Bonds to spend on cleaning

  3. Contraband items can not be cleaned/repaired

That is everything you need to know about how to clean weapons in Hunt Showdown.

If you need more assistance hunting down your felling Showdown players, be sure to search around Twinfinite for all your guide needs.

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