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How to Unlock & Craft Laser Rifle in Palworld

Want a weapon that zaps?

When it comes to traversing the mysterious world of Palpagos in Palworld, having powerful weapons to protect yourself and bring down the most formidable Pals in the game is important. Thankfully there are many to choose from, and the Laser Rifle is one of the best among them. If you’re wondering how to add one to your arsenal, here’s our handy guide for how to unlock and craft a Laser Rifle in Palworld.

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How to Unlock the Laser Rifle in Palworld

Laser Rifle unlocked in Palworld
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To be able to craft a Laser Rifle in Palworld, you’ll first need to unlock it via your Technology menu. The blueprint for it can be found at Level 51, so make sure you have some points set aside for it. As it’s one of the more advanced weapons in the game, you will also need to have a Weapon Assembly Line II constructed and running in order to make a Laser Rifle. If you don’t have that built at your base yet, you’ll need the following resources:

  • 100 x Refined Ingots (made via Furnace)
  • 10 x Circuit Boards (made via Production Assembly Line II; requires Polymer & Refined Quartz)
  • 30 x Nails

Laser Rifles also take a special type of ammo called Energy Cartridges, so make sure you unlock that as well in the Technology Menu at Level 51. Those are also crafted at a Weapon Assembly Line II, with Pal Metal Ingots and Electric Organs, so be sure to stock up on those items.

How to Craft & Use the Laser Rifle in Palworld

Weapon Assembly Line II in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair via Twinfinite

Laser Rifles require a few different materials that may take some time for you to craft and stock up (unless you’ve already done so). As mentioned before, this weapon can only be crafted at a Weapon Assembly Line II (as seen above), and you will need the following:

  • 50 x Pal Metal Ingots (made via Electric Furnace)
  • 60 x Plasteel (made via Electric Furnace; requires Crude Oil, Ores, and Paldium Fragments)
  • 40 x Carbon Fiber (made via Production Assembly Line II with Charcoal)

Once your Laser Rifle is complete, make sure to craft some Energy Cartridges as well. This weapon packs a punch with 1250 Attack Power, and we’ll confirm if schematics for more powerful versions of it drop anywhere.

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