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How to Play Payday 3 Solo

Looking to play Payday 3 by yourself? You're not alone.

As Payday 3 finally reaches its long-awaited release, fans are undoubtedly excited to jump into the multiplayer action of this new game. Some players, however, may want to play it on their own and will wonder if that’s possible. Here’s everything you need to know about how to play Payday 3 solo.

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Playing Payday 3 Solo

To play Payday 3 solo, players will have to create private multiplayer lobbies where they take on AI opponents. To do this, open the game and select the “multiplayer” option in the menu. Create a private lobby so that no one else can join, and from there, add however many AI enemies you’d like to face. Once that’s settled, you’re ready to play Payday 3 on your own, but beware; even though the experience will likely be a bit easier to deal with than multiplayer games, the AI can still be plenty challenging. Make sure to keep your guard up if you play in this way. 

Another way to play Payday 3 solo is by playing in a private multiplayer mode. Much like the private multiplayer lobbies, these modes will mostly center around facing AI enemies. The benefit of playing the game this way, however, is that you’ll be able to complete objectives and missions by yourself, without worrying about what other players are doing.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play Payday 3 solo. For more Payday 3 content, check out Twinfinite’s guide on the game’s preload and unlock times.

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