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How to Pass Time in Zenless Zone Zero

Let's pass the time, quickly!

If you have been playing Zenless Zone Zero, then you know that there are some parts of missions that need to be done at specific time of the day. So, if you are wondering how to pass time in Zenless Zone Zero, we have the answers for you.

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How Do You Pass Time in Zenless Zone Zero?

To pass time in Zenless Zone Zero, you can use the calendar icon, that is at the top left. Usually in gacha games you have a specific option to skip time, but not in this game. Instead, you’ll have to use the icon that indicates the current time and date. If you click on it and then choose rest, you can let your character rest for up to six hours.

But be careful, because you can only use this feature once a day. If you want to skip ahead more than six hours, you’ll just have to play it out and let the hours pass by themselves. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to pass time manually. Every three meaningful gameplay interactions you have, whether that’s interacting with NPCs or playing through quests, equates to around six hours of in-game time. You can use that as a measure of how much time you’ve passed.

Once it passes midnight you also have another option: you can go home and rest on your sofa. This does the same thing as resting – skipping you ahead six hours and waking up your character automatically at 6 AM.

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As mentioned, skipping time in Zenless Zone Zero is sometimes required to complete certain parts of a quest. Naturally, you can also choose to simply wait while you keep busy doing other things, and you’ll be notified of when a specific section of a quest, previously locked, is now available to you at the right time.

That’s all we have for you on how to pass time in Zenless Zone Zero. For more guides on the game, check out our articles on Zenless Zone Zero codes and tier list. For more on the game, check out how to farm Denny and Polychrome, plus our Koleda build.

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