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How to Make a Compass in Minecraft

Lodestone Compass
Image Source: Mojang Studios via Twinfinite

How to Make a Compass in Minecraft

Crafter’s guide to the Overworld.

The endless Minecraft world can certainly be overwhelming for beginners, considering its vast biomes and formidable structures. More often than not, players can find themselves lost, especially since the starting map’s range is on a smaller scale. So, to help you with these occurrences, we’ll show you how to make a Compass in Minecraft.

Minecraft Compass Crafting Recipe

Minecraft’s Compass recipe requires four Iron Ingots and one Redstone Dust, which can be used at the Crafting Table. You can obtain the ingots by mining Iron Ore in caves or other areas with cobblestone, but be sure not to use wooden tools since these won’t drop the materials. Instead, you can equip a stone or higher-leveled pickaxe to pick up the item successfully and smelt it with a Furnace. Players can also break Redstone Ore with Iron pickaxes in caverns; these resources don’t require any smelting.

Making a Compass in Minecraft
Image Source: Mojang Studios via Twinfinite

When you craft a Compass, it will constantly point at your world spawn at the beginning of the game. Therefore, even if you are far from your home base, you can equip it to guide you back. However, it should be noted that world spawns are not the same as the spawn set point that initiates when sleeping in a bed, meaning the Compass will not lead them to these locations and only to their original destination.

Besides this instance, these items can point to Lodestones, a block that can change their direction when nearby. You can also expect needle spins in the Nether or the End, where you can only rely on your wits to explore these dangerous domains. Fortunately, players can counter these situations by constructing a Lodestone Compass (put the tool on this particular block) that works in these dimensions.

You can acquire Compasses through other methods, such as trading with Villagers and looting them from chests. In addition, the tool can be utilized to make an Empty Map, Map with a location marker, and the Wild Update’s Recovery Compass (points at a player’s last death.)

Crafters can enchant the Compass with the Curse of Vanishing, an ability that generates the object’s disappearance upon death. Nevertheless, you must obtain an Anvil and the corresponding Enchanted Book to produce this particular travel item.

That does it for our guide on how to make a Compass in Minecraft. For more crafting recipes, you can learn how to create stairs or explore the relevant links below for additional content.

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