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How to Get & Use Damaged Music Box in Honkai: Star Rail

A tragic tale in the underground city.

Besides completing various quests in Honkai: Star Rail, you can also perform numerous hidden activities during your journey in the galaxy. Among them is a secret side quest, where you can help two sisters find each other in the abandoned Rivet Town. You will eventually receive the Damaged Music Box during this mission, but the game won’t tell you what you can do with it. If you’re wondering how to get and use the Damaged Music Box in HSR, this guide can tell you what you should do with this object.

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How to Get the Damaged Music Box in HSR

To get the Damaged Music Box, you must start the hidden quest by talking to the Weak Female in Rivet Town. You won’t be able to see her and can only hear her voice through her window. The easiest way to reach the woman is by teleporting to Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Erudition and taking the stairs until you discover a window that you can investigate.

Honkai: Star Rail Weak Female Voice
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The woman will ask you if you’ve seen her older sister, who has entered the Fragmentum to search for valuable objects. Since you haven’t seen the missing sister yet, you can only leave the sick woman alone for now.

You will need to teleport to the Orphanage Space Anchor and head southeast to locate a Warp Trotter. If you manage to kill the creature before it flees, you will receive the Dirty Ribbon Tied to a Bell when the battle ends.

HSR Warp Trotter and Younger Sister locations.
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You can now return to the younger sister and give the item to her. She will be heartbroken, and her voice will slowly become weaker until it’s completely gone. You can examine the window again to get the Damaged Music Box.

How to Use the Damaged Music Box in HSR

The only way to use the Damaged Music box is by returning it to the older sister, but first, you must teleport to another zone to make her spawn in Rivet Town. Afterward, you can go back to the area where you encounter the Warp Trotter, and you will find the Anxious Woman beside the dumpster.

Honkai: Star Rail Older Sister.
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When you give the Damaged Music Box, the woman will calm down and disappear into nothing. Unfortunately, the older sister is long gone, and you’re only talking to her echo. For your kind gestures, the game will grant you a Praise of High Morals, and you will also unlock the “Outworlder” achievement.

Hopefully, this guide helps you understand how to get and use the Damaged Music Box in Honkai: Star Rail. Before you leave to aid the two sisters, consider checking out other HSR articles on Twinfinite.

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