Disney Dreamlight Valley The Laugh Floor.
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How to Get Sulley and Mike in Disney Dreamlight Valley

New friends are coming!

The first major update of Disney Dreamlight Valley in 2024 finally arrives on February 28. It’s called The Laugh Floor and, among other things, introduces our favorite characters from Monsters Inc. Here is our guide on how to get Sulley and Mike in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley The Laugh Floor Update

Scene from Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image Source: Gameloft

The developers announced that The Laugh Floor update is free for all Disney Dreamlight Valley players. One of the major things in this update is the arrival of Mike and Sulley, the protagonists of Monster Inc. You can also see them in the official announcement image for the update.

In the description of The Laugh Floor update, developers say that players get the chance to help Mike Wazowski and Sulley through a brand new questline. They added that completing these introductory quests will allow you to ask the two new characters to join you in the Valley.

Also, the game now gives you new makeup and wig options for your in-game character. Besides that, you can choose to use Dream Styles inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Monster University and apply them to your new friends Mike and Sulley. What’s more, Monsters Inc. also brought updates to the Premium Shop.

How To Unlock Monsters Inc. Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After you install The Laugh Floor update to Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to go to the castle. Once you’re there and inside, go to the third floor. Search for the door with the letter “M” on it. You can unlock it for 15,000 Dreamlight Magic. That way, you gain access to the Monsters, Inc. realm.

When you get into the new realm, it’s time to find and meet your new friends. But before you do that, there’s something you need to do first. Mike and Sulley will ask you to get a disguise before you get the chance to meet them.

How To Unlock Sulley and Mike in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As we mentioned, you first need to find a disguise to successfully get to new DDV characters. As you get to the door to the Monsters, Inc. building, an error saying “Access denied. Monster not identified. Employees only behind this point” appears.

So, before you enter the building look for a wardrobe. It’s located in the corner behind where you stand. Approach it and you’ll find three pieces of outfit there:

  • Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat;
  • 2x Monstrous Ears.

Equip all of the outfit pieces you’ve found and then use the in-game camera to make a selfie. That way, you will be recognized as a monster and able to enter the building. Now go to the door located next to Roz’s office and interact with it.

Now that you’re in, it’s time to do some maintenance. Before you meet Sulley and Mike, you will have to clean Party Trash and Slime Puddles.

To successfully clean the Slime Puddles, you need to take out your Watering Can. Apply it to the puddles to clean them. When it comes to the Party Trash, you simply need to step on it in order to clean it.

After the cleaning is done, you can finally meet Sulley and Mike! Just approach them and start the conversation. They will ask you to do several tasks for them before you can invite them to move into the Valley.

Cook Coffee for Sulley and Mike

Once you’ve cleaned the Laugh Floor and met Sulley and Mike, they will ask you to bring them coffee. Let’s see how to do that.

First, you need to find the coffee station. It’s located just behind the new in-game characters, near Roz’s office. Now it’s time to check the supplies and start brewing.

Mike’s favorite coffee is called The Wazowski Special:

  • 3x Sugar;
  • 1x Non-dairy Screamer;
  • 1x Coffee Beans.

The recipe for Sulley’s coffee is much simpler. You just need 5 pieces of Coffee to brew it. Now go back to your new friends and deliver them their hot beverages. Now is the time to convince them both to come with you and move into the Valley.

Find Emergency Manual and Electrical Panels

Sulley will then ask you to find the Emergency Manual for him to help Mike who is stuck in the dark because there is no electricity. Check the second desk behind and you’ll find the manual there. Bring it back to him and then you’ll be able to see where are the Electrical Panels. Here are all 3 locations of the panels:

  • Go to the Laughter Floor and search the area next to the TV;
  • The first desk behind Sulley;
  • The fourth desk behind Sulley.

Now go back to your new buddy. Apply all of the Electrical Panels you find to a mechanism next to Sulley. That will restore the power back.

Then you need to connect the Power Lines. There are 10 of them and they are located behind you. Connect them and that’s it, Mike is saved! Sulley finally agrees to come with you to the Valley, but not before you save his friend.

Find Mike’s Keycards

Mike’s keycards are behind the reception door and you’ll need to open them first. You can do that with an item called MIFT Toolkit, which you can find on the Laughter Floor. When you acquire it, go back and open the reception door.

Keycards are on Roz’s desk. Pick them up and bring them back to Mike. He’ll then ask you to search for clues behind three doors.

F2 Door

The first door is at the F2 station. Once you get past it, search and investigate 3 clues:

  • Next to the drawer, you will find a drawing;
  • Another drawing is to be found behind the bed;
  • The final drawing is behind the red curtains.

After you’re done, exit the room and talk to Mike again.

F3 Door

To search for clues behind the second door, go to the F3 station. This time, you will have to take a picture of 3 clues inside the room:

  • By the bed, there is a poster with a picture of space on it;
  • On the ceiling, look for star-shaped lights;
  • Next to the bookcase, search for a yellow book.

After you take all of the required pictures, exit the second room and speak to Mike.

F4 Door

At the F4 station, enter the room behind the door. Your task is to find the Whoopie Cushion. It’s buried under a pile of stuff. Clean them up first, and then pick up the cushion. Bring it back to Mike.

Now you can finally reunite your two Monsters, Inc. friends, but they’re not done with tasks for you. They tell you they are thirsty and ask you to bring them three sodas – Green, Blue, and Red. Check our guide to see how to acquire all of the sodas.

That finally completes all of the quests required to unlock Mike and Sulley. They agree to move to the Valley and ask you to build them a house. That will cost you 20,000 Star Coins. Now they can finally move in and officially become new residents in the Valley!

That’s all there is to know so far when it comes to how to get Sulley and Mike in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more Twinfinite guides for this game, check the complete Roadmap or how to change your in-game name.

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