How to Get Gold Easily in Tarisland

Everybody loves some extra gold.

Have a lot of Silver, but don’t have enough Gold to buy the things you want from the Auction House? Today, we’ll show you how to easily get Gold in Tarisland.

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Ways to Easily Earn Gold in Tarisland

Tarisland is a game of multiple currencies, which can be confusing when certain items cost an amount of one thing and others cost another. If you have played Destiny 2, then you’re no stranger to this kind of game design. In Tarisland, Gold is a currency that is a good deal harder to obtain than Silver.

The auction house and achievements windows that can earn you Gold
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Do Your Dailies

One of the easier ways you can earn gold is by completing your dailies. If you clear all five daily tasks, that range from a random Elite Dungeon to fishing five times, the final reward will be 100 Gold. What’s nice is that you can reroll most of those daily tasks if you don’t like the ones that initially rolled for you.

Dungeon Achievements Pay Out

Going to the achievements page shows five named dungeons that have over a selection of achievements each. However, there is an achievement for each named dungeon that grants 300 Gold when you complete a few certain achievements based around each dungeon. But overall, nabbing those particular Gold rewarding achievements grants up to 1,600 Gold.

Play the Auction House

If you’re playing Tarisland, odds are you will be crafting lots of items, potions, or gear. These can then be sold at the Auction House for a small profit, but you won’t be getting Silver, you’ll be getting Gold. That’s because Tarisland’s Auction House runs off Gold, for better or for worse. Generally, if you farm at least half of the materials needed to make items that will sell for dozens of Gold, then it should be possible to make more Gold than you spent to craft the item.

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