Best Tarisland Warrior Build - Dragon about to be attacked by characters

Best Tarisland Warrior Build

Let's build up the perfect warrior.

The warrior is a great character if you want to withstand enemies’ attacks while also remaining agile on your feet in Tarisland. But if you are looking for the best Tarisland warrior build, then you definitely need to read our guide. Learn all about the best talents and skills for your warrior!

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What is the Best Tarisland Warrior Build?

Best Rage Warrior Build

In terms of melee warriors, the Rage Warrior brings a great balance and a certain versatility in building them up with the right talents and skills.

Here are the right skills you’ll want to focus on, especially while starting out:

  • Outage: This basic skill will grant you Rage points for every attack that you land. You also gain a bonus concentration aura which shall increase combo and crit by 2% during raids.
  • Cross Slash: Attack the target twice with your blade, dealing 53% of your max attack skill plus 68 damage points. Gives you eight rage points and can be recharged twice.
  • Final Attack: Dealing Physical damage for 155% of your attack skill plus 199 points. It will give you 20 Rage points. Also, gain extra damage if the target’s HP is less than 25%, but no further rage points.
  • Fury Blade: Building up 70 Rage points will allow you to unleash this strong attack, dealing damage up to 155% of your max attack skill, plus 199 damage points, up to two times.

As for your ultimates, your Rage Warrior should focus on the following:

  • Charge: Run towards the enemy and root them to the spot for three seconds for easier attacks.
  • Winning Hunter: Recover 20% of your HP.
  • Crippling Strike: The ultimate strike which will wound the target, dealing a 50% Heal Reduction for five seconds.
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Finally, focus on the following talents:

  • Rage: Using it with Cross Slash you have a 36% chance of granting Rage, which will deal 75% plus damage for five seconds.
  • Cross Assault: Using Cross Slash you have a 4.4% chance of resetting the cooldown for Final Attack and also for the Furious Stab skill for 3.7%.
  • Final Slash: Your Final Attack skill now has a 10.5% chance of making Cross Slash deal double damage and also gaining twice the Rage points.

Best War Shield Warrior

As the name itself might imply, this warrior is all about being a tank, thus resisting enemies’ attacks. This specialty means that you will use your passive abilities and skills to protect your team members while attracting enemy attacks upon your warrior.

With this character, you’ll have to keep track of your offensive rating (used for attacking) and resilience rating (defense points). By consuming offensive rating with your skills, you will gain resilience points, and you can use these to gain Shield.

For a good War Shield, focus on the following skills:

  • Shield Bash: Launch a shield attack that deals damage up to 169% of your attack plus 301 points, restores nine Resilience and requires 30 offensive rating.
  • Shield Assault: Requiring 40 offensive rating, this shield attack will deal up to 93% of your attack skill plus 167 damage points, also giving back 12 Resilience points. For eight seconds, your Glancing skill is also boosted by 509 points.
  • Sturdy Barrier: Use your resilience points to create a barrier to defend against enemies, absorbing up to 12% of your max HP for 10 seconds, plus 582 points. Any remaining points will be used in the next skill.
  • Impenetrable: This ultimate skill will reduce damage taken by 25% for 15 seconds. It also increases both magical and physical defense by 469 points.

As for your ultimates, focus on the following:

  • Squall Strike: Shockwave at enemies within a rectangular area ahead and Stun them for three seconds.
  • Challenge Roar: Affects enemies within 8m. The effect lasts for six seconds.
  • Crippling Strike: The ultimate strike which will wound the target, dealing a 50% Heal Reduction for five seconds.

Finally, focus on the following talents:

  • Double Shield: Shield assault can be recharged and used twice.
  • Hardened Barrier: When the shield of Sturdy Barrier absorbs DMG and expires, there is a 100% chance for you to gain nine Resilience.
  • Multiple Barrier: Sturdy Barrier has an 8% chance of grinding a shield that absorbs double DMG.

That’s all we have for you on the best Tarisland warrior build. For more information on the game, check out our guides on how to get vigor and how to get Twitch drops.

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