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Best Tarisland Professions – The Definitive Guide

An MMO blacksmith who isn't a dwarf? Blasphemy!

In Tarisland, like in many other MMORPGs, you’ll rely on life skills, crafting, and other side activities to make money, which you’ll then be able to invest in better gear and cosmetics. To help you decide on which ones you’ll want to pursue, here is our ultimate Tarisland professions guide.

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All Professions in Tarisland


Forge manufactures helmets, armor, and gauntlets. Their main crafting resource is ore, which they can mine throughout the world. As with all other life skills, gathering them requires vigor, and so does crafting. Additionally, they can make bombs, consumables, and tools.


Jewelers make accessories, rings, and necklaces. They mine various crystals and use them as materials. Also, they might have less overall sales on the market compared to blacksmiths and tailors because they both produce gauntlets, which you’ll need two of in your gear.


Tailors are pretty similar to blacksmiths, as they also produce armor (greaves, leather gauntlets, and boots). However, they use various plants for resources, and with them, they can also make Backpacks and Emblem Chests, which are extremely important items that you can’t get from drops as reliably as armor.


Alchemists don’t produce equipment but consumables and runes. Both are practically irrelevant early on. However, they are crucial for end-game content. So, it’s one of the professions that you’ll want to max out eventually.

How to Learn a Profession in Tarisland

To learn a profession in Tarisland, you’ll need to go to the eastern area of SilverLit, which is called Trading Post. There, you’ll find all profession NPCs with whom you can interact and learn their trade. You can also find Black Gun, who teaches you how to fish, and Tony, who can change your appearance.

How to Change Professions

To change your profession, simply talk with one of the other profession NPCs at the Trading Post. The change costs 2,000 Silver (additional changes might cost more). Also, note that all the progress you’ve made so far with the previous profession will be saved, and you’ll be able to return to it after a 1-hour cooldown.

Profession Specializations in Tarisland

Each profession in Tarisland has three specializations from which you can choose. Each focuses on a different aspect of your craft. You can change them via the Specializations tab of the Profession menu, which costs 2,000 Silver (additional changes might cost more).

Also, all professions share the names of their specializations, which are Collection, Processing, and Crafting Master. They generally share the same bonuses, though they are adjusted depending on the profession you choose. Here is how they work:

  • Collection Master: Increased gathering yields and a chance to gain advanced materials when mining any ore. Also, it provides higher vigor replenishment.
  • Processing Master: Advanced crafting recipes, less vigor consumed when crafting materials, and a chance of additional crafting results.
  • Crafting Master: Less vigor consumed when crafting advanced items and a chance to return materials when crafting. It also provides advanced recipes for some professions.

So, which specialization should you choose? Well, the rule of thumb is that Collection is good for the early-game, Processing for mid-game, and Crafting for the end-game. However, if you can see that there is a shortage of some resources on the market that you can provide with a different specialization, definitely go for it.

What is the Best Profession in Tarisland?

Generally, the best specialization is whichever one gets the highest prices on its products at the moment. Going by that rule, the current best profession is the Jeweler. However, if you are at a high enough level, choosing a profession so you can craft items for your own class is the way to go. That way, you’ll be saving money and maximizing your combat potential.

Also, there are indications that the Tailor might become the best profession really soon, mostly because people are struggling more and more with inventory space. So, if you are not making any profits with your current one, swapping to Tailor and leveling is a good option.

All the info above should give you a pretty good idea of how professions work in Tarisland and which ones are best. For more info on in-game mechanics, builds, and more, check out the Tarisland section on our website.

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